Circular Economy Fellowship - 2nd year open now le 07/01/2014

Circular Economy Fellowship - 2nd year open now - KEDGE

For the second consecutive year, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, partner of the chair « business as unusual », opens the prestigious Schmidt MacArthur Fellowship to Kedge Business School students.
This exclusive fellowship, open to only 10 universities in the world such as MIT, Stanford or London Business School, is a fast track program and accelerator for a student developing a circular economy innovation project
The fellowship is composed of a one week intensive summer school in London, a 2500€ fellowship as well as 2 years of high level mentoring for your project.

See here what happened in the 2013 program 

Does the future look bright and different for you? Do you connect with the concept of circular economy? Are you a project innovator and high potential? Then this program is made for you!

7 Kedge Business School professors are ready to mentor you if your project is linked to one of their fields of expertise:

  • Pedro Albuquerque (commodity markets, macro economy)
  • Danielle Castagnoni (marketing B2C, FMCG)
  • Pierpaolo Andriani (3D manufacturing, exaptation and reutilization of current assets for new functions)
  • Rob Spencer (B2B marketing, Purchasing)
  • Louise Canning (Industrial Marketing, Supply Chain)
  • Grant Linscott (Design)
  • Aurelien Descamps (CSR & Territories)


For more information please consult the attached brochure and contact:

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