Cultural immersion and sustainability: insights from MSc students' NGO mission in India

As part of the MSc Business Transformation for Sustainability programme, students are offered the chance to embark on a two-month mission with an NGO, either in France or abroad. Laurena and Romain embraced this opportunity by venturing to New Delhi, India, where they collaborated with Project WHY, an educational initiative devoted to empowering underprivileged children and their families. These two dedicated students stand as the driving force behind this humanitarian endeavour, motivated, inspired, and fully committed.

NGO missions: a win-win opportunity for all

Our students have found their international mission to be an invaluable experience, offering:

  • Exposure to real and complex challenges
  • Development of practical skills
  • Acquisition of diverse cultural and intercultural perspectives
  • Discovery of a new country
  • Expansion of professional networks and readiness for career opportunities
  • Enriching field experiences
  • Awareness of alternative development paradigms
  • Personal growth, nurturing adaptability, patience, and resilience

For the NGO Project WHY, the benefits have also been substantial:

  • Contributions of skills and knowledge:  Laurena and Romain applied their academic skills and introduced innovative ideas and perspectives.
  • Operational support: Laurena taught English to children, while Romain focused on mathematics, enabling permanent staff to concentrate on strategic activities. They also assisted with computer tasks and prepared presentations for potential donors.
  • Visibility and networking: collaboration with academic institutions and students enhances the NGO's visibility. Students become ambassadors for the NGO within their professional and personal networks, helping to raise awareness and attract new partners and donors.
  • Financial and material resources: students can identify grants or organise fundraisers, thereby increasing the NGO's financial and material resources.

Laurena and Romain's engagement with an NGO in India as part of their MSc in Business Transformation for Sustainability provided them with invaluable hands-on experience. This opportunity allowed them to push their limits, positively contribute to local communities, and develop crucial skills for a sustainable career.

Our students' testimonials

With the support of ‘Enfances Indiennes’, I had the privilege of completing a six-week volunteer internship at Project WHY as part of my final year in the MSc Business Transformation for Sustainability. This experience was extremely enriching, marked by daily interactions with children from disadvantaged backgrounds, particularly in slums. Their kindness, respect, helpfulness, and joy touched me deeply. Sharing my knowledge with them and seeing their dedication was a delight. Working at Project WHY allowed me to open up to the world and meet welcoming people. I am infinitely grateful for this opportunity.


I had the privilege of serving as a volunteer in Project WHY's educational centre in India for six weeks. This humanitarian experience deeply touched me because of the strong bonds I formed with the children and members of the organisation. Their warm welcome and generosity enriched my experience. This experience opened my eyes to the importance of education and human solidarity, and transformed my perspectives on life and my aspirations.

MSc Business Transformation for Sustainability

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