East meets west: Jiao Tong - Kedge EMBA in France le 20/04/2016



From March 20th to April 1st, JIAO TONG - KEDGE Dual Degree EMBA 2015 Intake travelled to France for 15 days of overseas study.  These Chinese Executives simultaneously benefitted from both challenging MBA coursework as well as got a taste of French history and humanity.

Lectures can be learned anywhere! However, listening to “Geopolitics and Foreign Affairs,” inspired by the historical relationship between France and Africa on the KEDGE Marseille campus, this group found a unique experience and one that was of great benefit to Chinese MBA’s traveling abroad.

After the lecture, our Exec’s travelled to Grasse, Monaco and Cannes. In fact, they were really travelling back through history, witnessing the evolution of politics, economy and culture in the region.

Six days later, these dual-degree Execs went on to Bordeaux, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to learn about the “Global Red Wine Industry”. During this course, they visited chateaux and tasted red wine. Chateaux, domains, churches and wine are assuredly the best tools to link both history and reality. And put in the words learned from Plum Village Mindful Practice, “What we have drunk is not a glass of wine but the whole universe.”

This study tour offered not only in-class learning but also an insightful fusion of history, humanity and geography.

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