Energy moderation plan

In this time of climate disruption, it is urgent to act and to become aware of our impact on the environment. KEDGE, which is already very engaged in this area, is unveiling its commitments with the upcoming signing of the RTE Ecowatt Charter.

Energy moderation: Efficient and cheap, it's watt I want (un-used)

The need to move towards a more energy-efficient society is not new. The industrial revolution in the 19th century marked the beginning of the massive use of fossil fuels, and modern lifestyles have gradually become extremely dependent on these energy sources. At the same time, awareness of climate change and the depletion of natural resources has gradually imposed the idea of the "end of plenty", as recently formulated by the President. 

This responsibility for continuous improvement has been taken on board by Kedge for several years. It is embodied in the Act for the Planet pillar of the KEDGE IMPAKT strategy to act to preserve the climate and biodiversity

KEDGE is now reaffirming its ambitions and committing itself to aiming for "carbon neutrality" for its campuses and business travels, by combining moderation and compensation for incompressible emissions. These commitments have been made public through the RTE Ecowatt Charter signing.


But it's by working together that we can change things!