Find out more about the MSc Digital Marketing & Sales in video

at 15/11/2021
KEDGE Business School's Digital Marketing & Sales programme prepares future managers and entrepreneurs who will need to operate in a constantly changing digital ecosystem. Discover the programme in video with its new director, Nicolas Buttafoghi.

The Master of Science Digital Marketing & Sales in video 

Academic director Nicolas Buttafoghi presents the strengths and key points of this specialised programme taught on the Marseille campus.

New digital practices are creating a real need for training in specialised disciplines to support the digital transformation of companies.

The objective of KEDGE's MSc Digital Marketing & Sales is to train digital experts who will be able to take part in the strategic and operational aspects of the digitalisation of companies in a transversal approach. They will also be in a position to anticipate consumer trends and new channels.

Innovative teaching methods to join tomorrow's digital jobs

The innovative nature of the MSc Digital Marketing & Sales lies in its highly comprehensive teaching method, combining strategic, technical, design, digital marketing and e-commerce performance components. In an experiential approach, the theoretical knowledge is backed by practical applications throughout the year: case studies, challenges, immersion, boot camp, etc.

The programme's focus on digital leads to innovative teaching methods based on new technologies and their challenges. The curriculum includes technical skills such as web programming - in partnership with Le Wagon - graphic design, website creation, analysis and referencing tools, etc. This programme is connected to the innovations and requirements of the market to boost the employability of graduates.

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