MSc in Corporate Finance: who are the winners of the HOLT Valuation Challenge?

Each year, MSc students in Corporate Finance participate in the Holt Valuation Challenge. This competition allows them to get acquainted with the Credit Suisse’s HOLT™ methodology. Let's take a look back at the 2022 edition and its winners!

An immersive challenge in the world of finance

The HOLT Valuation Challenge is a competition that offers a unique opportunity to learn more about financial assessment. It is intended for students who major in Finance, and has three objectives:

  • To introduce students to Credit Suisse's HOLT™ evaluation methodology
  • To refine their financial expertise by using state-of-the-art analytical tools
  • To highlight the talents by sharing their video presentations

It is entirely performance-based and consists of 2 steps:

  • The first part is focused on learning all about Credit Suisse's HOLT™ platform. It allows students to enhance their understanding of accounting, finance and evaluation spheres through exercises on listed companies which require the use of different HOLT™ evaluation methodologies
  • During the second one, students are required to make an oral presentation and submit a short evaluation video of two companies. These videos are then reviewed by professionals, banking experts and professors in finance who select a group of finalists

HOLT Valuation Challenge: 2022 Edition

This year, students chose two publicly traded companies from the same industry and used the HOLT™ analytics platform to conduct a benchmark research. Afterwards, they submitted their investment recommendations to the businesses. The main objective was to maximise their profit by identifying the investment with the most attractive growth potential.

For the 4th edition of the challenge, the jury committee was represented by two experts of Credit Suisse's HOLT platform:

  • Thomas Mott, director - Credit Suisse
  • Aidan Sloan, business associate - Credit Suisse

The final oral presentations of the HOLT™ Valuation Challenge were delivered on April 21.

The big winners of this 2022 edition are Jeremey Yong, Lisa Brisson and Khalil Abou-Bakar Ouattara who presented their projects on Iberdrola VS Orsted, Anheuser-Busch Inbev VS Pernod Ricard and AMD VS Intel respectively.

The jury members acclaimed the candidates' effective application of the various Credit Suisse HOLT™ tools, which helped to meet their requirements. Learn more about their research in the video:

Iberdrola VS Orsted by Jeremey Yong

Anheuser-Busch Inbev VS Pernod Ricard by Lisa Brisson

AMD VS Intel by Khalil Abou-Bakar Ouattara


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