Internationalizing aspects of the Global Executive MBA le 21/04/2016


Your international exposure

A tremendous opportunity to interact with multi-cultural executives from all over the world.”

Mamadou Mbaye, United Nations Organisation (Senegal/France, 2011)

The international visit component of the Kedge Executive MBA is one of the strongest and most substantial elements of this kind that accreditors have observed while assessing part-time programmes."

AMBA Global MBA Assessment Report

The global business world is a moving target

It is impossible to adequately prepare for the economic context of the future by confining yourself to the models of the present. It is based on this fundamental belief that the Global Executive MBA requires 2 International Business Seminars, located where your future potential markets are taking shape.

In order to expand your conceptions of the business world and open new opportunities, the International Business Seminars are true field experiences; combining academic theory, real-life consultancy work, benchmarking, business networking and direct socio-cultural interactions. During the International Business Seminars, participants learn through in-course lecture, company visits and socio-cultural exchange.

Meeting and Working with International participants

Every year, more than 130 executives from more than 15 nationalities join the Global Executive MBA programme. The Global EMBA programme is committed to offering numerous occasions to meet, exchange and work together through:

  • Multi-campus courses and simulations
  • International Business Seminars
  • Specialisation Majors
  • Special MBA Events
  • Consultancies

The advantages of a multi-platform programme

  • Do the MBA on 4 campuses. Choose between Paris, Marseille, Bordeaux or Shanghai.
  • Do a 9-day major in France or in China. Your selected Major will determine the location and particular schedule of this intensive module. (refer to our Course Schedule for details).

The strength of international MBA partnerships

The Global Executive MBA has targeted major Business Schools and Institutions to provide participants the opportunity to meet MBA students and professors from the best academic environments and exchange over chosen business topics.

Our vision is to build a unique learning community spanning the continents where you will gain access to our internationally renowned faculty and to a unique global network of 50,000 Alumni. I encourage you to visit our website, attend one of our MBA Conferences, or better yet, come sit in a course where you’ll meet our current participants, faculty and staff to get the full picture of our programme.

Professor Michel Gutsatz, Ph.D. Associate Dean, MBA Director, Kedge Business School


At any point, should your professional evolution permit or necessitate it, move from one campus to another. 

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