ISLI students explore the Supply Chain inner workings through consulting missions

For seven months, students of the Master of Science (MSc) in Supply Chain Management are working with companies from the sector on current issues through "consulting missions".

ISLI students work on real-life cases

Since mid-October, ISLI MSc students have been working in groups on an actual Supply Chain Management project, drawing on the expertise of KEDGE's Centre of Excellence (CESIT). Tutors from the faculty and the Centre of Excellence presented 9 assignments on which the students were placed in teams of 4 to 5.

The first few weeks of work are dedicated to the analysis of the existing situation, followed by the diagnosis. After that, groups develop possible solutions to meet the company's objectives in a variety of areas: reusable packaging, tire supply chain, distribution network optimization, etc., with the help of renowned companies such as Airbus, Kepler, and Lectra. 

Throughout the year, they will have 3 oral presentations and a written report to deliver. Their solutions will eventually be submitted to the companies' steering committees, for assessment of the project's suitability in relation to the given issues and constraints.

Objective of the course

  • Make each student a player in the company
  • Develop an expertise on an innovative Supply Chain subject and/or in relation with current events
  • Improve the ability to manage, to make decisions and to provide innovative and pragmatic solutions in a team
  • Analyse a company's supply chain by understanding its goals and/or the objectives of the research in terms of added value, collaboration with external actors and stakes
  • Adopt an analytical and pro-active approach
  • Develop the ability to support solutions in front of a steering committee

About ISLI

Created in 1984, ISLI is KEDGE's supply chain training programme. Delivered entirely in English on the Bordeaux campus, it allows students to develop skills in logistics and Global Supply Chain Management. Its international reputation is based on the recognition of the industry, its research team and its experiential teaching methods.

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