KEDGE BS encourages social entrepreneurship le 14/06/2017

As a major player in the field of sustainable development and social and environmental responsibility, KEDGE BS reasserts its intention to train entrepreneurs of the future by linking the challenges facing businesses with those facing the planet.

Through its innovative teaching and social and environmental campus management, KEDGE BS inspires a genuine ethical and social commitment in both students and employees and encourages responsible practices.  

The school’s objective of training innovative, ethical and socially responsible entrepreneurs inspired Marie de Faria, an International Business (MACI) MSc graduate, and Anthony Raymond, a KEDGE BS employee, to create a company that combines sustainable development with ethics as a key success factor.  

LABL is an ethical platform, created as a result of the desire to offer an attractive alternative that adheres to real values of transparency, traceability, proximity and respect for the environment.

My MACI Business Ethics and New Business Model classes, and also the Sulitest, made me understand the issues involved in sustainable development with a view to reinventing the world around us. These issues are in line with my own personal values. 

Marie de Faria

Through KEDGE Accelerator, the school supports project initiators in developing their ideas while at the same time promoting "learning by doing". 

Thanks to the help and support of KEDGE BS teachers, stakeholders and teams, LABL is enjoying a smoother roll-out and is developing internationally, in particular with the presentation of our project at "Gaia Todo Um Mundo" in Porto next month. At this international congress seeking answers to the big issues of climate, energy and the environment, we will be in the company of Elon Musk, founder of Tesla Motors and SpaceX, and also Erik Solheim, Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). 

Anthony Raymond
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