Kedge Business School opens a permanent liaison office on the campus of Korea University Business School le 10/10/2014

Kedge Business School opens a permanent liaison office on the campus of Korea University Business School - KEDGE

For the first time in Korea, a university from France is opening a Liaison Office to develop its activities at the national and Asian level by joining the campus of a Korean establishment. From Oct 6th to 9th, a delegation of KEDGE Business School, one of the top business schools in France, visited its Korea University Business School (KUBS)’ partner and inaugurated its permanent Liaison Office within its campus in Seoul. This trip stands in the framework of the agreement signed by the two schools and follows up the opening of KUBS Liaison Office in Bordeaux (France) in April.

This partnership opens the way to a strategic alliance to amplify our Hub of Cooperation in Asia, with KUBS among our key strategic partners, Prof. Thomas FROEHLICHER, Director General and Dean of KEDGE BS, announces. KEDGE Business School plans to develop Hubs of cooperation on all continents with the aim to connecting Research and Programmes, and creating Dual Degree programmes and developing students’ exchanges.

This relationship between two honored business schools makes a strong connection amongst Asia and Europe. It allows students and companies to learn both cultures and enjoy more opportunities in a global world”, Prof. Doohee Lee, Dean of KUBS, says.

A Hub of Cooperation in Asia
This global and ambitious partnership extended in several directions with 4 working groups during the visit at KUBS in Seoul:

  • Executive Discussions about the Hub of Cooperation in Asia
  • Dual Degree MSc in International Business, which will open in September 2015
  • Research Discussion on further direction of collaboration (especially about Big Data Management and Oil Sector Project)
  • Alumni Cooperation

This new partnership which goes beyond classic academic agreements has been carried out by Prof. Guy MARCILLAT, Vice President International Development & Strategy of KEDGE Business School, and who was previously Executive Chairman AXA Korea / AXA Direct Japan.

This agreement consolidates the rise of KEDGE Business School in Asia, complementing its academic operations in Shanghai and Suzhou, and its two subsidiaries in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

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