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KEDGE celebrates the Lantern Festival with a culinary workshop le 18/02/2020

French and chinese students celebrate the Lantern Festival with a culinary workshop

The Lantern Festival

The Lantern Festival is a traditional Chinese event, held during the evening to mark the end of the Chinese New Year celebrations.  On this occasion, Chinese families go outside in the dark holding paper lanterns.  It is also traditional to eat certain dishes such as sticky rice dumplings, whose round shape symbolises wholeness and family togetherness.

For the celebration of the Chinese Lantern Festival, KEDGE BS organized the 7th of February, on the Campus of Talence , a culinary workshop where students had the opportunity to cook delicious Chinese meals.
This workshop was led by a French chef, who demonstrated simple but delicious meals , easy to cook at home !
It was  a great opportunity to share with students from different backgrounds.

Other culinary workshops will be organized during the year to cook meals from different countries.

KEDGE thanks Eurest and his chief for conducting the workshop

This workshop was funding by European Union

It was an opportunity learn how to cook new meals, make new friends (…) and to improve my chinese level as it is the second language I study this year 

OBIZA Oumayma PGE L3

a great opportunity for Chinese students to share with french students 

CAI Xiyan PGE2

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