Kedge Executive Club le 21/04/2016


One of the major things I’ve learned during the MBA at KEDGE is the importance of the question you ask about the problem you are trying to solve. Even though it sounds very trivial, it is one of the most simple and most complicated questions at the same time. You may ask yourself now what does this mean for the recently founded KEDGE Executive Club (KEC) and what sort of problem does it try to solve?

After having had many discussions with other Executive MBA participants, we found out that there is common need for having a regular meeting opportunity outside the classroom. This is the reason why we founded the KEC in Marseille.  But what exactly do we offer?

First and foremost, the KEC is a meeting point for EMBA students and people who are interested in Entrepreneurship and Business. We meet once a month in order to discuss interesting subjects and in doing so we try to build the link between MBA course theory and the practical implementation during day-to-day business.

Everyone is invited to actively contribute to our sessions by presenting their own topics or their Business Development Project. The KEC is a platform for people who want to exchange and network with other EMBA students, outside the classroom. We offer an opportunity to meet your EMBA colleagues and new people on a regular basis.

The KEC story has just been started in Marseille (Sofitel Hotel) but we plan to set up similar meetings in Bordeaux and Paris soon. We don’t require a membership fee. And even though you may not be focued on Entrepreneurship, all MBA’s (past and present) are more than welcome to join.  

At the end of each KEC session, we have a drink at the bar in a very relaxed and nice ambiance. Nicolas Job and myself (Ralf Jansen) are the main drivers of the KEC in Marseille. In case you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please join us for the next meeting which will take place on the 19th of May at 19:30, Sofitel Marseille. In our next meeting, Laura Drewett will share some interesting lessons about business plans. Don’t miss it!

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