KEDGE launches its platform dedicated to housing le 23/04/2018

KEDGE launches its platform  dedicated to housing - KEDGE
You have been admitted to KEDGE! Congratulations! Once the pride and joy of having overcome with flying colours all the steps required to enter the programme of your dreams wears off, the question of accommodation quickly arises.

Not to mention that between internships and exchanges with partner universities, you can end up changing accommodation up to ten times for the longer courses. But before you can install your futon in your new home, you have to find that home, which requires a fair amount of research. It can be a tedious process: knowing who to contact, agencies, individuals, etc.

At KEDGE, we decided to simplify this task and the steps involved by creating our own accommodation platform, dedicated to our students:

You will find offers from private individuals, estate agencies and student residences, in France and abroad. All accommodation is visited before being published to ensure it complies with the advert.

What's more, all the steps are simplified and centralised online:

  • Reservation via the online platform: no need to move. Payment processed 24 hours after moving in;
  • The team is available by phone/chat/email six days a week (six languages spoken);

For international students:

  • Easy security deposit for some accommodation
  • Certificate of accommodation for obtaining a VISA

All of our students already have access to it, and new arrivals will be given their codes in the admission email so they can start their search on the day of their admission if they want to.

And who knows, this service may even be useful after graduation, as tenants... or landlords!

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