KEDGE Business School and Nottingham Business School partnership in focus

For over 10 years, KEDGE Business School and Nottingham Business School at NTU have developed a solid partnership. Despite a number of challenges, such as the health crisis and Brexit, this partnership has endured over time. A closer look at this multi-faceted collaboration.

A partnership based on double Bachelor's and Master's degrees

In 2013, a consortium of 6 international schools was formed to offer a double degree in international business with Nottingham Business School. The universities include some of KEDGE Business School's partners: ISCTE, University of Brescia and National Sun Yat-Sen Taiwan. On 16 June, the 10th anniversary of this collaboration was celebrated with the participation of the partners and numerous alumni. It was an opportunity to assess the objectives achieved and to implement future actions based on a sense of community, collaboration, and social and ethical responsibility.

Each year, more than 10 KEDGE Business School students from the IBBA and EBP programmes have the opportunity to join the Bachelor in International Business - BAIB at NBS. In 2023, 5 MSc students from our three campuses followed the MSc International Business double degree at NBS. These specialised courses ensure that our students are highly employable. After graduating, they quickly take up positions as consultants or managers of business units, transport, brand strategy, purchasing, etc. in major national or international companies.

Students discover intercultural exchanges through COILS

During the 2021/2022 academic year, students from KEDGE Business School (IBBA and MIM) and NBS (Bachelor and postgraduate levels) experimented with intercultural exchanges thanks to two COILS - Collaborative Online International Learning - drawing on new business game or online case study resources. This experiment, supervised by professors from both schools, was a great success with the participants.

Franco-British research symposia

In terms of research, a collaborative symposium organised by KEDGE Business School and NBS took place on the KEDGE Paris campus on 30 and 31 March and focused on the topic of sustainability. This was a unique opportunity for thirty doctoral students from the two institutions to present their research work and initiate collaboration with young researchers from NBS. A second symposium will be held next year in Nottingham to continue discussions on joint research projects, with a view to securing European funding in particular.

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