KEDGE professor, Fiammetta Cascioli Karivalis, shares her expertise on the olympics with France 24

Fiammetta Cascioli Karivalis, Professor at KEDGE and Director of the MSc Business Transformation for Sustainability, joins France 24 to discuss the Olympics in all their apects as the Olympic flame arrives in France

Fiammetta Cascioli Karivalis, Professor at KEDGE, guest on France 24

In this interview focusing on the upcoming Paris Olympic Games, Fiammetta Cascioli Karivalis begins by tracing the Games' history, from their ancient origins, emphasising their underlying message of peace.

During ancient times, the Games served as a temporary truce from conflicts.

She also highlights the dual objectives of the Games, serving both collective interests of participating nations and individual aspirations of athletes.

These objectives were reaffirmed in 1896 when Pierre de Coubertin revived the Games, following the motto "Citius, Altius, Fortius," meaning "Faster, Higher, Stronger" in Latin. This motto encapsulates the spirit of Olympism, encouraging athletes to surpass their limits.

Fiammetta illustrates that the original goals of the Games persist today: to foster international harmony and encourage self-improvement, prioritising long-term performance over immediate results.

The discussion extends to the responsible and sustainable aspects of the Paris Games. Fiammetta emphasises that the Games will occur in an uncertain international climate.

Regarding the Paris Games, environmental considerations and budget management are paramount concerns for the organisers. The committee's choices reflect a commitment to sustainability and convey a message of prudence.

France endeavours to make these Games an environmentally sustainable event with minimal impact on the environment.

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