KEDGE renewed two Masters' Degree

A few days after the five-year EQUIS certification was announced, KEDGE renewed the approval and the Master’s Degree, for a maximum of five years, for its Grande Ecole degree. For the first time, KEDGE also obtained authorisation to deliver a second Master’s Degree for its EBP International Programme. KEDGE thus became the only French B-school with two Master’s Degrees for students on initial training courses having already completed preparatory courses and the Baccalaureate (Bac).

The French National Council for Higher Education and Research (CNESER) recently approved the draft decree for the National Commission for the Evaluation of Training and Qualifications in Management (CEFDG) which grants KEDGE the following Master’s Degree programmes and approval durations :

Grande Ecole Programme, Bac+5                              

Approval: 5 years            

Master’s Degree: 5 years

EBP International Programme, Bac+5                       

Approval: 5 years

Master’s Degree: 4 years

KEDGE Bachelor’s Programme, Bac+3                     

Approval: 5 years

MSc Commercial Engineer Programme, Bac+5        

Approval: 4 years

In having a five-year approval, instead of three previously, for our Grande Ecole Programmes and Master’s Degree, the Commission and the CNESER recognise the improvements and high level of training given by KEDGE, both professionally and academically. This formal recognition comes at a time when thousands of applicants are looking at graduate schools throughout France and taking admissions tests for entry in Autumn 2017,

said Thomas Froehlicher, Director-General and Dean of KEDGE

In its report on different programmes, the CEFDG showed that KEDGE notably distinguishes itself by : 

  • “applying Master classes to a strategic vision”, 
  • “supporting and bolstering training”
  • “balancing the campuses and making the specialisations of the sites complementary”
  • “maintaining selectivity, namely by decreasing the number of spotsavailable through the competitive admission examination” for the Grande Ecole Programme, 
  • “positioning itself internationally, having a quality approach, seriously investing in Human Resources and research”
  • “involving tenured professors and creating a culture of excellence and strategic alignment” for the EBP International Programme.

In addition to EQUIS, the Approval and the Master's Degree, in May 2017, KEDGE had already obtained the Private Higher Education Institution with a Public Interest (EESPIG) label, given only to “non-profit higher education institutions that provide a public service.”

Earning this extra qualification shows that KEDGE’s policy is to be involved in its sites, be socially responsible and provide training that contributes to the mission of public service for higher education and research.