KEDGE Business School has been granted a five-year extension for the prestigious Bienvenue en France Label

KEDGE Business School is vying once again for the coveted Bienvenue en France Label, committing to another five-year term.

Recognising the pivotal role of welcoming international students in enhancing higher education's global appeal, KEDGE has just been awarded the 3rd star of the Bienvenue en France label and has renewed its accreditation for the next 5 years.

Ensuring excellence in welcoming international students 

The Bienvenue en France Label evaluates six key areas through different criteria:

  1. Quality information and accessibility: This includes multilingual availability of information, digitization of application procedures, and digital accessibility.
  2. Reception and accessible facilities: This covers physical reception services and integration events.
  3. Pedagogical support: Offering courses in English and French as a Foreign Language (FLE).
  4. Accommodation and campus quality of Life: Providing support services for accommodation, designated contacts for international students, and consideration for the needs of students with disabilities.
  5. Post-degree monitoring: Providing support services for employment and entrepreneurship, as well as a network of international alumni.
  6. Commitment to sustainable development and social responsibility: Initiatives to raise awareness of environmental issues.

Since last year, the Bienvenue en France Label has introduced new analysis indicators, focusing on sustainable development and intercultural training. This presents an opportunity for KEDGE Business School to highlight various aspects of its Impakt policy:

  • The Carelab, established in 2015, serves as a network of student associations dedicated to addressing social and environmental issues. Its primary aim is to raise awareness and provide training on ecological and social transitions.
  • The Impakt Fund KEDGE, a recent participatory initiative, aims to foster projects aimed at transforming our campuses and/or raising awareness, providing training, and mobilising our communities.
  • The Positive Impact Rating (PIR): This involves gathering feedback from all students regarding KEDGE's commitment to ecological and social transitions. The analysis of this feedback helps shape the school's strategic direction.
  • The promotion of sustainable mobility: There is ongoing consideration towards promoting greener international mobility.
  • Intercultural training programmes and workshops for international students, facilitating the exploration of cultural differences and similarities between countries.

KEDGE's international student welcome scheme 

KEDGE offers its international students a comprehensive welcome scheme, including:

  • A website in English and French providing all necessary information for registration and other procedures.
  • Student support services: a registrar service for registration and administrative procedures, a housing service for CAF and CPAM formalities, and a Wellness service aimed at their psychological well-being.
  • An integration seminar featuring an introduction to the school's services, team-building activities, and cultural visits.
  • Provision of French language courses (FLE).
  • Student association presence: Melting Potes in Bordeaux and Interact in Marseille, which support international students.
  • Specific support for students with disabilities and/or reduced mobility.
  • Employment assistance: guidance and tutoring in English for internship and job searches, workshops and coaching, My Way events, and access to a business nursery.

Increased visibility across all communication tools and platforms of the Campus France agency 

The Campus France agency is actively involved in promoting Bienvenue en France Label holders throughout its five-year mandate. This involves integrating the Label's logo onto the Study in France platform, expanding the roster of labelled institutions across its global network, showcasing reception facilities on the Campus France website, and providing communication materials to spotlight the offerings of labelled institutions.