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KEDGE short listed for the "The Fresh Connection" business game final le 29/04/2021

This semester, students of the Msc International Trade & Logistics participated in the business game "Fresh Connection" and qualified for the European final which will start on 2 May.

An international challenge

The Fresh Connection is a management simulation business game, putting students in a situation in a struggling company. This semester, the Msc International Trade & Logistics offered them the roles of vice president of purchasing, vice president of operations, vice president of supply chain and vice president of sales. In this online session, they were faced with real-time choices to save the company from bankruptcy.

Learning by doing pedagogy aligned with the ITL objectives

Cross-functional understanding and collaboration were key components for this experimental challenge. Some of the learning objectives key to the Logistics of Value Chain industries of this business game were:
•    Understand the importance and relevance of a company and supply chain strategy
•    Learn to ‘speak the same language’ with other value chain partners, internally or externally
•    Experience the power of a professional and well-structured Sales & Operations Planning process
•    Supply Chain Risk Management
•    Appreciate cross-functional trade-offs in the value chain
•    Learn how to manage risks in the supply chain in a coordinated way
•    Learn how to manage and optimize the carbon footprint of the supply chain

The 4 winning teams battled it out in an online challenge to compete and represent KEDGE at the Dutch final, and one team stood out for the quality of its work, qualifying for the European final, which will be held from 2 May 2021:

Maxime Genasi, Maxence Desreux, Timothé Aimé, Emma Mondon

This business game is part of the problem based learning that the programme provides to train students to understand all components of a high-performing value chain.


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