KEDGE welcomes 721 international students for the 2023 intake

September is the back-to-school season, and our international students were no exception. This semester 721 students joined our campuses in Bordeaux and Marseille. Let’s look back on a week of immersion in the vibrant atmosphere of KEDGE Business School.

The welcome of students began with a warm and delightful note. Upon their arrival at KEDGE, they checked in with out teams and then enjoyed a French-style breakfast together.
Then, they took part in a series of presentations that allowed them to discover the programmes and services offered by the school. These informative sessions provided them with a comprehensive overview of their new academic semester.

Arriving in a new country can be complex, which is why KEDGE Business School took care to prepare for this transition. Practical workshops were organised in rotation to assist them with administrative procedures such as housing financial aid, social security, and even opening a bank account. To further immerse them in the experience, intercultural seminars were also offered to students to delve into the richness of French culture.

This integration week was not limited to administrative aspects. A series of entertainment awaited our new students. The programme included an in-depth exploration of the cities of Bordeaux and Marseille on foot, by bus, by boat, and even by a small train. Another highlight of this back-to-school season was the team-building activities orchestrated by KEDGE's student associations. This allowed students to connect with each other and develop teamwork skills that will be valuable throughout their exchange. Once again this year, KEDGE Business School continues to provide a welcoming and stimulating environment for all its students, as this back-to-school season illustrates.

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