Marseille: KEDGE Arts School welcomes the "OVER THE RAINBOW" exhibition by Laurent Perbos

The exhibition "Over the Rainbow" by Laurent Perbos opens from 29 November 2022 to May 2023 on the campus of KEDGE Business School Marseille, in partnership with BAG Bakery Art Gallery.

Marseille artist Laurent Perbos plays the Wizard of Oz

Thanks to KEDGE Arts School, KEDGE BS has been hosting art exhibitions and cultural events on its various campuses since September 2021. Art is a true educational and innovative tool, stimulating both sensitive and critical thinking.

After a first exhibition, "RE-PLAY! in 2021 on the Paris and Bordeaux campuses, Laurent Perbos returns this year with "OVER THE RAINBOW", a dreamlike exhibition, a visual reflection on the climate transition we are currently experiencing. 

An optical phenomenon occurring in the sky, visible in the opposite direction to the sun when it shines during rain, the rainbow is a photometeor that makes visible the continuous spectrum of light and a continuous transition between bright colours. Fascinating in its beauty, the number of colours that can be distinguished and its very meaning depends on one's culture.

The exhibition will be on the Marseille-Luminy campus from the end of November until the beginning of May on levels 0 and 1.


Laurent Perbos graduated from the École d'art de Bordeaux in 1997 and established himself as an artist from 2003 onwards in group exhibitions (Beijing International Art Biennale 2008; Ceci n'est pas un Casino, 2010) and solo exhibitions (Atone+, 2006; Sculpture Club, 2015; Eeriness, 2012-2013) around the world.

KEDGE Arts School

Kedge Arts School aims to produce and disseminate knowledge on the management of arts, culture and creative industries. It joins forces with the management of KEDGE Business School to invite contemporary art exhibitions to the school's various campuses.

In its KEDGE 25 strategic plan, the school promises to be an original, sustainable and inclusive structure. It develops educational programmes that engage each generation on socio-environmental issues.

KEDGE Arts School's expertise and programmes in arts, culture and creative industries management make it possible to launch this educational experiment. By welcoming art on its campuses, KEDGE offers another way of deciphering and understanding the world. Art enables conversations to be initiated between students, with professors and teaching teams, and inspires creativity and innovation.

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