Le Figaro 2024 ranking: up 9 places and TOP 10 for the KEDGE Bachelor

In the latest Figaro Etudiant ranking released on January 19, 2024, KEDGE Business School solidified its standing as one of the premier French business schools. The rankings elevated KEDGE Bachelor to the 9th position, marking a significant ascent of 9 places within a single year and reaffirming the institution's remarkable trajectory in the rankings. This acknowledgment is notably attributed to the programme's attainment of the license grade, underscoring the exceptional quality of the school's guidance, instruction, and scholarly pursuits. Furthermore, the International BBA confirms its attractiveness as the 6th top-ranking BBA.

The Figaro Etudiant Bachelors and IBBA rankings serve as a benchmark for assessing French business schools' post-bac programs. To construct these rankings, the newspaper conducted interviews with 20 French business schools holding diplomas accredited by the French government, evaluating them across various criteria, including:

  • The academic level (state recognition, accreditations, fill rate, selectivity);
  • International aspects (proportion of international students, graduates who found their first job outside of France, teachers with high-level training abroad, number of accredited international academic partners);
  • Employment and professional success of graduates (employment rate and percentage of permanent contracts upon graduation, number of apprentices, and alumni networks).

The Bachelor's degree in Management at KEDGE, a 3-year programme recognised by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research granting a bachelor's degree, allows students to acquire the fundamentals of management, spend 6 months abroad, and gain valuable professional experience.

The entire curriculum facilitates a quick transition into the workforce. Six months after graduation, 92% of students who choose to enter the workforce are employed. Their salaries range from  €37,000 to €42,000 per year. Many of them also use their degree as a stepping stone for further studies.

The KEDGE Bachelor ensures mastery of management fundamentals and guarantees strong employability for its graduates. It is a professional programme that fosters interactions with businesses, guides students in building their career path, and offers a third year as a work-study year. It is accessible to a wide range of students thanks to the strengthened presence of associated campuses.

A presence across all permanent and associated KEDGE campuses

The programme is delivered across all permanent campuses of KEDGE: Bordeaux, Marseille, Toulon, Paris, as well as associated campuses in Avignon, Bastia, Bayonne, Mont-de-Marsan, and internationally, with the Dakar campus.

This network enables students from regions away from major cities to access a quality programme without having to relocate from their homes or incur accommodation expenses.

In total, 20 specialisations are available across 7 campuses, including: banking & finance, management & negotiation strategies (in French and English), marketing (in French and English), supply chain, wine business &sustainability (in English), international business (in English), start-ups, intrapreneurship, and business transfer, international transport, international trade & logistics, sports marketing & communication, digital strategy, sustainable entrepreneurship, and start-up innovation.

A professionalising curriculum

The pedagogy of KEDGE's Bachelor programme is based on "Learning by doing", a method that enables learning by doing and succeeding by doing. This pedagogy focuses on project realisation, either individually or in groups, allowing students to acquire useful skills for professional life, such as project management, team management, and budget management...

The links and interactions with the business world are numerous. The entire curriculum, designed with the assistance of recognised companies, stimulates the acquisition of analytical, synthesis, communication, and open-mindedness skills for successful professional integration.

In addition to mastering the fundamentals and techniques of management and leadership taught by the school's research professors, professional speakers provide a real-life vision of the working world.

Internships also allow students to gain practical professional experience. Students must complete two internships lasting 4 to 6 months each, totalling 18 months of cumulative work experience in companies over the course of 3 years of study.

"I wanted to pursue a comprehensive and international curriculum in a renowned school that could serve as a stepping stone into the professional world. The KEDGE Bachelor ticked all the boxes. The school enabled me to experience various opportunities. I was able to intern in Barcelona, start my own business, and make meaningful connections to build a professional network. It's the versatility of the KEDGE Bachelor that allowed me to develop all these projects and add these skills to my repertoire."

Mathis DEVAUX, graduate of KEDGE Bachelor 2023, Co-founder of ShareFlat

Support in building one's professional project

Throughout the programme, thanks to a dedicated service and the Be-U scheme, students enhance their self-awareness to interact more effectively with others and increase their employability.

Starting next September, a new platform, "KEDGE Bachelor and You," will be implemented to better understand the objectives of group work , time and priority management. Dedicated to first-year students, it will also provide access to a specific path to address deficiencies in mathematics.

The programme also offers assistance with applications through the creation of the KEDGE CV platform. It allows users to create or improve their CVs and cover letters, use AI-generated content suggestions, request proofreading, and track their applications.

"I chose the KEDGE Bachelor for its comprehensive approach, international and professional orientation, as well as its reputation. The constant evolution of the programme with the addition of new subjects related to the current world, such as AI and CSR, is a major asset. Furthermore, the offering of certifications and the focus on our professional development add value to our journey. By joining the KEDGE finance association, I acquired key skills and strengthened my network. In my third year, I had the opportunity to work as a teaching assistant, which allowed me to deepen my knowledge in accounting and develop my pedagogical skills. Thanks to my journey within the KEDGE Bachelor, I realised that auditing greatly interested me, which led me towards a specialised MSc in Control and Audit."

Camille CHAREYRE, Graduate of KEDGE Bachelor 2022

Enhanced employability thranks to third-year apprenticeships

Apprenticeships provide valuable hands-on experience: they facilitate and expedite professional integration, offer practical exposure to real-world business challenges, and allow for exploration of various career paths.

They contribute to the development of organisational skills, dynamism, initiative, autonomy, and greater maturity.

Additionally, apprenticeships offer the possibility of tuition fee exemption and the receipt of a monthly salary.

"I am proud of KEDGE's position in prestigious rankings such as Le Figaro today. The 9-rank advancement of our Bachelor programme over 3 years is the result of daily dedication and commitment from all teams. This new acknowledgment of our Bachelor programmes also resonates with the development of our strategic plan KEDGE25, which is built on collective effort, academic excellence, and the ongoing high standards of our staff."

Alexandre de Navailles, KEDGE Business School Managing Director
The International BBA programme at KEDGE has reached the 6th position in the ranking

The IBBA programme at KEDGE confirms its attractiveness by ranking 6th in the 2024 BBA rankings. With its professionalising curriculum and numerous specialisations, this 4-year programme, which grants a bachelor's degree, allows students to obtain an International Bachelor's degree as well as a French State-accredited International BBA diploma. It provides graduates with the opportunity to access management positions and to manage projects within international companies.

The programme also boasts high employability, as 95% of students find employment within 6 months of graduation, with 77% pursuing careers related to international aspects.