Lectra CEO Daniel Harari is the new sponsor of the intake of Chinese students from KEDGE Sino-French Institute le 26/01/2017

Lectra CEO Daniel Harari is the new sponsor of the 2016/2017 intake of Chinese students from KEDGE Business School’s Sino-French Institute (IFC). The students are starting their new term at the Bordeaux campus. Mr Harari takes over from Jean-Claude Fayat and will inaugurate the new intake of students at 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday 1 February, as the Chinese students prepare to embark on business missions they will complete in France in their third year. They have already completed two years of study in China.

Lectra has a long-standing commitment to education, which it demonstrates by supporting a growing number of students throughout their studies. Lectra has invested heavily in China, where it set up its first subsidiary 35 years ago. China is currently Lectra’s second biggest market and will undoubtedly become its biggest within the next three years. I am very proud to be sponsoring the new class of Chinese students from the Sino-French Institute of KEDGE Business School, a top management school which I know delivers an excellent standard of training, contributing to the success of its students, 

Mr Harari stated.


It is an honour for KEDGE to be able to count on the support of leaders from major industrial groups established in France with a significant national and international presence. The investment that these French firms make in our Chinese students each year reflects the high standard of work the students deliver for them,

added Thomas Froehlicher, Director General and Dean of KEDGE.

The IFC aims to train high-potential, trilingual Chinese specialists in the fields of finance, economics, management, applied foreign languages and humanities. During the first two years of their studies, the Chinese students follow an intensive French language training programme and improve their English in preparation for their third year in France.

Assignments for French businesses from now

As part of their course, which includes two years of study in France in third and fifth year, the Chinese students are given assignments for French-based businesses who also operate on the Chinese market. The businesses value these assignments as an opportunity to tackle issues to do with marketing, supply chain, and commercial development, etc. The assignments, which the students work on in groups supervised by a member of KEDGE' teaching staff, start now and last for five months.

Last year’s students completed 20 assignments. There will be 120 students in this year’s class, with just as many assignments to complete.

Lectra, which is based in Cestas, near Bordeaux (Gironde), is one of the major businesses that provide assignments for Chinese students from the IFC each year. For the new class, Lectra decided to focus on projects in the fields of finance, transport/logistics and sales/marketing.

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