Looking back at KEDGE latest International Trade and Logistics events

Experiential content is a key part of KEDGE's International Trade & Logistics MSc, giving students the opportunity to develop in-depth practical application and critical thinking in key logistics-related areas. Two conferences were held at the beginning of the year for the students of the International Trade & Logistics programme.

Maritime issues at the heart of logistics

On October 20th on La Joliette campus, KEDGE Alumni and International Trade & Logistics club members co-organised the first conference of the semester dedicated to maritime issues in the field of logistics.

Topics addressed:
Supply chains have been severely impacted by the successive crises of the last few years (Covid, Ukraine, work organisation...). They have managed to remain operational thanks to the commitment of the men and women who run them 7 days a week on land and at sea, where 95% of the goods we consume are transported. The speakers addressed the different problems and challenges ahead in the management of maritime personnel. This event featured two main speakers:

  • Guilhem BLOT: Graduate of the MS International Maritime Management in 2011, he has been working for CMA CGM for over 20 years. In 2001, he joined the group as a multi-skilled Lieutenant. He now holds the position of Captain of the French fleet.
  • Magali ARNAUD: Crewing Manager at Jifmar Offshore Services, Magali is in charge of organising the relief of French and foreign sailors abroad.

Arctic maritime issues

On 28 October, Arctic maritime issues were the subject of another conference hosted by the programme.

Topics addressed:
The invasion of Ukraine by Russia in early 2022 has radically changed the Arctic landscape. This period of intense tension has led to fears that the Northern Sea Route will be increasingly controlled by Russia. Will the Americans, who have just decided to expand the port of Nome in Alaska to be closer to the Arctic, have a greater presence in the Arctic? Is the Northern Sea Route Administration an obstacle to the free movement of ships on the ice-free high seas in summer? Will China, Russia's partner of opportunity, take advantage of this to increase its presence in the Arctic? Will the Russian withdrawal from environmental protection projects within the Arctic Council not undermine the necessary preservation of this fragile space?

Professor of Maritime Education Hervé BAUDU addressed these matters during the conference. After an operational career in the French Navy for 15 years, Hervé Baudu now teaches at the Marseille centre of the École Nationale Supérieure Maritime where he is responsible for the training courses leading to the Polar Code, in particular for the officers of the Ponant companies and the crews of the French Navy's icebreaker L'Astrolabe. He has frequently sailed in the polar zone and is the author of numerous books, the latest of which is dedicated to Arctic sea routes.

The expert programme for mastering logistics and supply chain

To supervise the flow of information and goods in any organisation, future managers must have a perfect command of the most advanced management techniques and information systems.

Drawing on 62 years of expertise in logistics and commercial optimisation, KEDGE's MSc in International Trade & Logistics puts the international dimension at the heart of its teaching to prepare students to master the commercial and strategic issues related to logistics as a whole, with a focus on the maritime industry.

It offers a global vision for students to develop key skills in three interconnected fields: International Trade / International Transport / International Logistics. This MSc therefore trains multi-skilled professionals capable of responding to the current economic issues, which demand ever greater productivity.

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