"Managing Time Effectively": a conference by Christine Bilsland, organised by the KEDGE PHD Students’ Association

The KEDGE PHD Students' Association, DoctorAKT, organised a conference on April 11, 2024, on the theme "managing time effectively," led by Christine Bilsland, a professional skills lecturer at Macquarie University (Sydney).

"Managing Time Effectively " : a conference by Christine Bilsland

The workshop aimed to provide participants with practical skills in task planning and prioritisation, thereby enhancing their productivity and reducing work-related stress. It specifically focused on presenting key techniques and strategies for effective time management, boosting productivity, overcoming procrastination, and achieving a harmonious work-life balance.

Key points to remember:

  • Think of time management as focus management. Take control,
  • Task batching (group together similar tasks to complete within a given period of time),
  • At the end of each working day, take five minutes to make a plan for your next day,
  • Avoid underestimating - build in extra time for tasks,
  • Find an accountability buddy,     
  • Use Pomodoro technique Pomofocus app
Christine Bilsland

Christine Bilsland is a professional skills lecturer at Macquarie University (Sydney). Her research focuses on integrated workplace learning environments, with an emphasis on fostering partnerships between education and industry, enhancing employability and capacity development, and exploring international/transnational tertiary education and teaching.