MSc Data Analytics for Business students visit to prominent technology companies

During the two-day study trip on April 3rd and 4th, students enrolled in the MSc Data Analytics for Business programme were granted exclusive access to three prominent technology giants: IBM, Microsoft, and Bloomberg. The itinerary was meticulously crafted to offer participants an immersive journey into the heart of these industry leaders.

Examining major contributors

At IBM, students delved into the cutting-edge realms of artificial intelligence and big data analytics. Through interactive workshops and engaging presentations, they gained invaluable insights into the integration of AI into business processes. They benefited from an interesting presentation from Bilal Javed Khan, associate partner at IBM on new ways of integrating AI into business processes, testimonials from Lina Benaoumar, Léo MoncomblePaul Garry and Gauthier P. on their careers at IBM as KEDGE students and from the organisation of  Claire Herrenschmidt Parenteau, CSR for Academia at IBM.

Next, the group ventured into the dynamic ecosystem of Microsoft, where they were exposed to a diverse array of technologies. Collaborative discussions with industry experts provided a deeper understanding of how Microsoft is revolutionising the digital landscape. They benefited from a personalised coaching from Beatrice Matlega, director of partnerships and skills programmes in education, Thomas Klein, head of global talent acquisition commercial & early careers and Elliott Pierret, sales specialist.

The concluding segment of the journey led students to Bloomberg, where they were immersed into the dynamic realm of financial analytics and data-informed decision-making. Exploring Bloomberg's cutting-edge facilities, students experienced firsthand the seamless integration of advanced analytics into practical business scenarios. They benefited from an inspiring presentation from Shan Khatkar, sales account manager and Zayd Armanazi, equity derivatives market specialist on the world of business tools for finance.

Throughout the experience, students engaged in thought-provoking discussions, networked with professionals, and gained practical insights that complemented their academic learning. The study trip not only broadened their perspectives on the application of data analytics in business but also fostered a deeper appreciation for the role of technology in driving innovation and transformation across industries.

MSc Data Analytics for Business

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