MSc ISLI students take a deep dive into the supply chain world

From March 18th to 21st, the MSc ISLI study trip at KEDGE provided students with an immersive experience into the world of logistics and supply chain. Throughout this exciting week, they had the chance to explore the latest challenges in the supply chain within renowned companies.

Exploring key players in regional logistics

Starting from Bordeaux, the journey began with visits to Rochefort, where Airbus – a leader in the design, manufacturing, and sale of civil and military aircraft, along with related services, resides. The visits then continued to the BLONDEL Group, a major player in logistics, transportation, and industry. MSc ISLI students had the opportunity to witness closely the aerospace operations and apply the knowledge gained during their studies.

The study trip proceeded to Charente Maritime, with visits to Alstom Aytré and DUFOUR Yachts. Students delved into the manufacturing processes of trains, metros, and vessels, enhancing their understanding of industrial operations in these sectors. They then had the chance to explore the PCBA manufacturing processes at Schneider Electric, followed by a visit to Intermarché's logistics platform, both leaders in the logistics and distribution sector.

The comprehensive tour of the HUB's activities was also insightful, providing students with a glimpse into the key processes supporting companies' escalation. The final visits of the study trip were dedicated to Cdiscount and SONEPAR in Bordeaux, where students explored the logistics platform and flow management. Additionally, the visit to Unikalo offered a complete overview of the paint manufacturing process at its industrial site.

This new study trip demonstrates the school's commitment to providing students with practical learning opportunities and enriching encounters with industry professionals. It also highlights the added value of these experiences for shaping the future leaders of logistics and the supply chain.