New admission process for 2021 intake

In the context of COVID-19, the admission procedure for the 2021 intake has been adapted for under and postgraduate programmes.

Programmes concerned

In the context of COVID-19 and regarding exceptional circumstances we are facing, the exam centers for language tests (TOEIC, IETLS, IBT) and logical reasoning tests (TAGE MAGE and GMAT) are mostly closed in many countries. As a result, the admission procedure for the 2021 intake has been adapted for all English-taught under and postgraduate programmes: International BBAMSc programmes and the Grande Ecole Master in Management.

Online application

Our online application process via has been set up for several years now and made easier, allowing candidates to instantly upload their required documents and securely pay their application fees.

Requirements adaptation

We are adapting our application process regarding English and logical reasoning exams.

English level assessment

Minimum English language skills are normally a requirement to the English-taught under and postgraduate programmes.

English skills will be assessed during these interviews entirely or partly in English.

French and international candidates admitted to one of KEDGE programmes without submitting an official, satisfactory certificate will be offered by KEDGE the opportunity to take an online English test through the platform Global Exam. This test is similar to the TOEIC one and will be available shortly after the confirmation of admission. 

As a reminder, candidates who have studied or worked in an English-speaking country for at least one year do not need to provide an official English certificate.

With the combination of the analysis of candidates’ academic results, their motivations and their English language skills, KEDGE ensures compliance with its usual rigorous admission standards.
Our programme advisors remain available to answer any questions you may have by email via the website.

Logical reasoning evaluation

Similarly, GMAT or TAGE MAGE logical reasoning certifications are expected but only to the Grande Ecole Master in Management application.

As it is currently difficult to comply with such requirements prior to the submission of online applications via, candidates who do not possess an official, valid certificate are allowed to submit their applications for the 2021/2022 intake without fulfilling these requirements.

We invite you to visit, as an official online GMAT exam has been implemented following Covid-19. We highly recommend to take an official GMAT or TAGE MAGE test as soon as possible, as it is mandatory for you to start the administrative process.


Please note that official English and GMAT or TAGE MAGE certificates will be asked at some point, in order to maintain high educational standards and guarantee your final integration at KEDGE.

Online interview

Applications will be processed as per usual within 5 working days.

If candidates meet the programmes requirements, they will be invited to take an online interview with one of the school’s staff members. KEDGE has been organizing online interviews for years and the process is being successfully adapted and conducted in this time of health crisis.

Online registration process

In case of an admission to one of KEDGE programmes, students will have to undertake their registration online. This process has been made easier, allowing future students to upload their documents and fill out their personal details online, and sign their registration file electronically.