KEDGE launches a new Data certification for MSc Marketing students

KEDGE Business School is pleased to announce the introduction of a new Data certification for students enrolled in the MSc Marketing programme, commencing from the academic year 2024-2025. This certification, delivered by OpenCertif, is presently undergoing testing with a cohort of 1600 students from the Programme Grande École (MiM).

Pedagogical content

OpenCertif offers certification in both French and English, covering several key modules in the field of data exploitation and analysis. Tailored to equip students of the Master of Science in Marketing with a robust foundation in this ever-evolving domain, the certification aims to prepare them for practical skills in data processing. The OpenCertif certification encompasses the following modules, each with specific pedagogical objectives:

  • Introduction to Data
  • Databases and information storage
  • Data Exploration and analysis
  • Data Extraction and manipulation with SQL
  • Python programming for data analysis
  • Introduction to machine learning
  • Data visualization
  • Security and ethics in data processing

The certification also incorporates practical projects within each module, enabling students to apply the concepts they have learned. These projects are assessed by certified OpenCertif experts and are followed by remedial projects in case of non-validation. The certification comprises a total of 28 hours of asynchronous content; videos, quizzes, activities, and summary sheets. A trainer is available continuously to address students' queries.

This new Data certification presents a unique opportunity for students to develop essential skills in data exploitation and analysis, preparing them for success in an increasingly data-centric professional world.