On 28 September, KEDGE and Nottingham Business School launched the first COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning) project for the year 2021-2022

at 01/10/2021
At the beginning of this academic year, KEDGE is launching a new virtual learning projects, developed with our network of international partners on several continents. These COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning) projects will be deployed on a few programmes on our Marseille and Bordeaux campuses, and will mobilise teams of international students in the Bachelor and Master cycles.

KEDGE & Nottingham Business School: two longstanding academic partners

Nottingham Business school and KEDGE as strong academic partners for many years have developed several bilateral activities including dual degrees at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

The first COIL project between our two institutions 

The theme of this European focused project is ‘Sustainability and the Transformation of the Automotive Sector in the Development of Electric Cars.’  Students from both institutions  work collaboratively in international teams of up to 6 students and engage on the project as part of the Global Strategy Module. The two-weeks COIL project culminates with a Business Simulation Game by Prime Target with a strong focus on International Business and Marketing with a series of collective assignments and final presentations in front of business partners. Business leaders from BMW will be providing their insights into the industry. Three prizes worth £250, £150, and £100 respectively will be won by the best international student teams. 

A project to cooperate and master International Strategic Management Concepts 

The students are enrolled  in the International Bachelor in Business Administration (IBBA)  at KEDGE and in a range of Undergraduate areas including: Accounting, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Economics and International Business at NBS. Students  will have the experience of working with an international student team, learn contemporary International Strategic Management concepts, develop problem-solving skills, and improve business acumen, cultural insight, intercultural communication skills, and teamwork abilities in a virtual environment.

The teams involved in this project 

The project is led by Tatiana Miron, Lecturer in International Strategy at KEDGE, PhD candidate in Strategy at  CERGAM-University Aix-Marseille, Florence Morel, International Partnerships Manager at the KEDGE Business School, Dr. Rachel Welton, Assistant Head of Undergraduate Programmes at Nottingham Business School, and Dr. Dipo Awojide, Senior Lecturer in Strategic Management also at the Nottingham Business School.   


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