KEDGE Arts School organises a POP-UP Arts management class in Chicago

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Join us from 15-24 May 2023 in Chicago, USA and add funding and revenue management skills to your curriculum.

The course will comprise of 30 hours of teaching on fundraising, sponsorship as well as box office management & ticketing strategies.
For more information about the pop-up class or to book your place, please contact Claire Grellier at

KEDGE Arts School

KEDGE Arts School aims to produce and disseminate knowledge on the management of arts, culture and creative industries. It joins forces with the management of KEDGE Business School to invite contemporary art exhibitions to the school's various campuses.

In its KEDGE 25 strategic plan, the school promises to be an original, sustainable and inclusive structure. It develops educational programmes that engage each generation on socio-environmental issues.

KEDGE Arts School's expertise and programmes in arts, culture and creative industries management make it possible to launch this educational experiment. By welcoming art on its campuses, KEDGE offers another way of deciphering and understanding the world. Art enables conversations to be initiated between students, with professors and teaching teams, and inspires creativity and innovation.