Renewal of KEDGE's DD&RS Label for 4 years

The DD & RS label recognises KEDGE's commitment to sustainable development and social responsibility.

Created in 2015, the DD&RS Label* assesses and promotes sustainable development and social responsibility initiatives within higher education institutions. Adopting a 360° approach, the label is structured around 5 axes (strategy & governance, education, research, environment and social policy) bringing together 18 strategic variables and around fifty operational variables.

Beyond the strict environmental impact, issues such as quality of life at work, professional equality and the fight against discrimination, professional ethics, expertise and research, and the links between science and society are all included in the audit.

In 2019, KEDGE was one of the first higher education schools to obtain the DD&RS Label. And in 2023, we worked collectively towards its renewal by:

  • Collecting DD-RS indicators from all departments
  • Self-assessing all the variables relating to the 5 areas of the label
  • Preparing supporting documents attesting to our approach, our actions and our results.

Following the external audit on 7 November, the Certification Committee renewed our DD&RS label for a further 4 years on 22 December. The auditors highlighted the following:

  • The overall maturity of KEDGE Business School's DD&RS approach initiated in 2007 and supported today by the KEDGE Impakt strategy.
  • The school's clear determination to include DD&RS issues in all its activities and the solid organisation of its approach on the 4 campuses and in conjunction with all its stakeholders and business lines.

The label also allows us to have an external analysis of our strategy and to reinforce our continuous improvement approach. The auditors are therefore inviting us to :

  • Continue our transformation by setting up multi-campus dashboards for monitoring and managing/preserving the environmental resources of our campuses (waste, energy, water)
  • Accelerate the development of students' skills in DD&RS issues by integrating the approach into all courses
  • Expand the range of training courses for staff and teachers, particularly on the major challenges of the Anthropocene (planetary limits, collapse of living organisms and natural resources, etc.).

All their comments will help the teams to define the actions to be taken to further accelerate our ecological and social transition.

This label is the result of the collective mobilisation and commitment of all the school's departments to make KEDGE an original, sustainable and inclusive school.

DD and CSR at KEDGE, a lasting commitment


  • 2005 : 
    • Signed up to the Global Compact2007: CSR Department and 1st Carbon Audit
  • 2009 : 
    • 1st Sustainable Development Report
  • 2010 : 
    • KEDGE Foundation for Responsible Management
  • 2013 :
    • Wellness programme
  • 2014  :
    • 1st sustainable development test: the Sulitest
  • 2015 : 
    • Access device (handiKap)
  • 2016 :
    • Network of CSR officers in the associations
  • 2018 :
    • Alert system scheme(reporting)
  • 2019 :
    • SD&RS certification
    •  1st climate school year
  • 2020 :
    • 1st Positive Impact Rating
  • 2021 :
    • Kedge 2025 strategy > Kedge Impakt
    • Diversity Charter
  • 2023  
    • Responsible Digital Label
    • Alumni for Impakt network
    • Eco-designed SD report/site >
    • Renewal of the DD&RSE Label