Renmin University of China in Suzhou welcomes the first year students of the Franco-Chinese Institute!

at 30/09/2021
This is the beginning of the 5-year course for the IFC students, admitted to our Bordeaux and Marseille campuses in the 3rd year of the Kedge Bachelor and the MIM! Attend their first year on the Suzhou campus and share the course of their new study year with us.

First year students of the Franco-Chinese Institute start their academic year on the Renmin University campus

On September 22, 2021, the day after the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Franco-Chinese Institute of Renmin University of China in Suzhou welcomed the 280 new students of the 2021 class, including 160 in Kedge Business School Finance speciality.

After welcoming students and their parents, the faculty's administrative and teaching staff guided them through the administrative registration process and presented them with the various aspects of university life, while the French staff and team of teacher-researchers distributed welcome gifts - textile bag, notebook, USB key and mug bearing the colours of the cities of the three French institutions.

This year again, due to the circumstances, the majority of the 3rd year students follow their courses by distance learning from the Suzhou campus, even if 23 Bachelor and 5 Master students are welcomed on Marseille and Bordeaux campus.  We hope that the context of the next academic year will be favourable to the arrival of all students.



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