Quiz your way to international scholarships

Embarking on your academic journey in France is an exciting endeavour, but the financial aspect can often be a source of concern. At KEDGE Business School, we understand the importance of accessibility to education, which is why we've just released a comprehensive scholarship quiz designed to simplify your search for financial assistance.

From merit-based awards to need-based assistance, we provide diverse options to accommodate various backgrounds and aspirations. Your country of origin, personal situation, desired programme, or career goals are all factors we consider, ensuring a tailored solution awaits you.

Our merit-based scholarships recognise academic excellence and leadership, offering prestigious financial support to outstanding students. Early applicants benefit from tuition fee discounts, facilitating the beginning of their academic journey with financial ease. Additionally, we celebrate diversity at KEDGE, with unique cultural or social backgrounds potentially qualifying you for our scholarship. We believe in partnerships for success. If you're joining through a partner institution, you may be eligible for additional financial support. As for previously graduated students, they can explore flexible funding options, covering up to 80% of their studies' cost. Foreign candidates are also encouraged to explore national scholarships from their country of origin, adding another layer of financial support to their academic pursuits.

Beyond financial aid, the quiz offers a broader understanding of the diverse range of programmes available for international applicants. From innovative curriculum to esteemed faculty, you'll discover why KEDGE is an ideal environment for pursuing academic and professional goals.