MSc Wine and Hospitality's South African study trip

In January, the MSc Wine and Hospitality students at KEDGE Wine School embarked on an extraordinary journey to South Africa, immersing themselves in the rich tapestry of international wines. Comprising a sequence of winery visits, this study trip unfolded as an unforgettable educational experience throughout five days.

Immersing in globally renowned wine regions

The trip, part of the Wine and Hospitality MSc  curriculum, took students to Cape Town, a gateway to the Western Cape province's historic vineyards. Over the course of five days, they explored renowned wine regions, delving into the nuances of winemaking and uncovering the secrets of South Africa's terroirs.

Cape Town and the Western Cape, with a rich wine network hosting thousands of grape farmers and numerous cellars, emerge as crucial players in the global wine industry. Beyond the vineyards, the region's commitment to environmental sustainability and regulated production integrity positions it as a strategic and fascinating destination for students. The introduction of a Sustainability Seal for South African wines underscores the nation's dedication to transparency in winemaking. As students explored this dynamic region, they not only gained insights into winemaking nuances but also absorbed the cultural richness and environmental sustainability that define South Africa's wine legacy.

A cultural and culinary journey

The first leg of the journey took the students to the iconic Klein Constantia estate, where they had the privilege of tasting the exclusive Constance wine. Stellenbosch, with its luxury 5* Delaire Graff Estate hotel, offered a backstage pass to the world of fine wines. Evenings were filled with delightful dinners and reflections on the day's discoveries. In Swartland, students had the chance to step into the heart of family-owned estates like David & Nadia, tasting fabulous cuvées and understanding the intricacies of their winemaking practices. Lunch at the Badenhorst estate provided an authentic farm and winery experience, while an exploration of Sadie Family showcased South Africa's winemaking heritage. Cape Town marked the final stretch of the journey, introducing students to Savage Wines, a producer renowned for its Sauvignon Blanc. A seaside restaurant lunch and a visit to the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens added cultural and natural dimensions to the wine-focused trip.

This study trip was an exploration of cultures, a journey through landscapes, and a unique opportunity to engage with the international wine community. Students had the chance to go beyond textbooks and embrace firsthand the artistry and passion that define the world of wines. As the trip concludes, these future wine connoisseurs return to KEDGE with a wealth of knowledge, a broader understanding of global winemaking practices, and memories that will shape their careers and leave an indelible mark on their pursuit of excellence in the world of wine and hospitality.

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