Success of Kedge Charity China le 06/06/2016


The inaugural session of CSR Mini MBA program, jointly initiated by KEDGE Business School in Marseille, France and CBN Foundation, kicked off on May 22nd.

 “Create, Share, Care” is the core value of KEDGE Business School. From the “East meets West”Leadership In Music Concert in 2015 to “Inheritage and Beyond” Leadership in Music Concert in 2016, KEDGE Business School has donated part of the admission revenues to the CBN Foundation, contributing to the “CSR Mini MBA” program which aims to develop talents for charities. We thank all guests who have attended the concerts!

The CSR Mini MBA program enables charity and business partners in the same area to join in and to set up partnership; to learn the background and the operating models of charities and business; and to continuously think about the sustainable development of charities under the guidelines of the business sustainability framework.

This program is a new training model targeted at middle- and high-level managers in the charity organizations and CSR department in the firms. The program is expected to analyze and solve common issues in the circle of charity through teaching experience of KEDGE Business School in Marseille, France and resources of China Business Network (CBN). It is also aiming at helping NGO and entrepreneurs to improve the quality of their programs.

In China, charities and business almost stand on the same starting line in the sphere of elderly care. This phenomenon is destined to exist in this era. In the greater space of Chinese society, a third force is needed to solve social problems brought by rapid development, which is the natural pathway. We look forward to the growth of professional elderly care institutions. Furthermore, we hope charities and business can be mutually complementary and stimulating. We hope they can jointly be the drivers of elderly care industry and benefit more families.

The three-year CSR Mini MBA program will primarily focus on elderly care. The inaugural session invites 10 professional elderly care institutions (business) and 5 professional elderly care social organizations (charities) to attend training and to build good networks.

In May, 2016, we kicked off the first attempt. In June, we will invite Mr. Huo Qingchuan, the founder of Golden Future, and Ms. Lin Rui, the partner of Eight Roads, to give lectures from the perspective of finance. This will bring professional strength needed by charity and business. In July, professors from Recende and KEDGE Business School will recreate the real scenarios from the perspective of operation to bring more inspirations.

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