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Q: So, Herve.  What do you have in store for the Executive MBA’s this summer?

H.V: We are happy to be doing this unique International Business Seminar with our Executives as a short course on Wine Marketing.  We call it “Marketing that Matters”, and it focuses on the essentials of the industry.  The journey happens between July 11th and July 15th.

Q: And this IBC will focus exclusively on the wine industry? 

H.V: Absolutely.  Though not exclusively reserved for Executive MBA’s doing the wine and spirits specialization, the content and nature of this Internatinal Business Seminar will focus on wine and branding.  And, where better to do that than in Adelaide, Australia?

Q: Do you have special knowledge of Adelaide and the wine industry there?

H.V: In addition to my being a Senior Professor of Marketing at KEDGE Business School, I am also an Associate Resarcher at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science at the University of South Australia, Adelaide. My areas of research are especially focused on agro-business marketing, brand perception and marketing policy. Most of my extensive early published work was done while in Adelaide.  My five years spent at this university allowed me to acquire analytical techniques of consumer behavior and brands.  So, Adelaide is a second home for me and one I can intimately introduce to these Executive MBA’s through wine marketing.

Q: Who have you mobilized to deliver this seminar?

H.V: I have used my personal and professional networks to pull out all the stops.  For this IBC, MBA’s will meet and work with an exceptional array of academics and industry specialists throughout the week.  In the final day, MBA’s will find themselves directly facing some key players on their home terrains within the vineyards and distillery.

Q: How will this trip go down?

H.V: Well, we’ve got a lot to see and do in only 5 days.  So, the trip will be busy from dawn to dusk.

MBA’s will experience many sessions during the IBC week.  Including, consumer behaviour with Prof. Larry Lockshin & Dr. Armando Corsi to understand how consumers behave when purchasing goods and services and the critical importance for companies. Also, how brands grow with Dr. Armando Corsi and what they have to do to make their brands increase sales. Wine and spirits sectors with Mr. Mark Rowley giving a clear and detailed understanding of the Australian wine & spirits sector (production, distribution, retailing, import, export, strengths, weaknesses, etc.). 

Moving on to principles of business negotiation with Dr. Ruchi Sinha highlighting for example, what price we want to buy or sell at? What salary we would like? Which work assignment we want? How to divide up a team task? Most people know very little about the strategy and psychology of effective negotiations. Professor Johan Buwer will lead direct routes to market. 70% of all Australian wineries operate a cellar door, which is the cornerstone of the DTC strategy, but the impact of cellar door visitation on consumers’ changes in wine consumption, relationship with the wine brand, remain unclear.  In Shopping Behaviour with Dr. Bill Page and Mr. Steve Dunn, MBA’s will gain insights about: store competition for customers, basket sizes and contents, online shopping, in-store visitation and pathways, and in-store communications. On the tech side, Building digital presence with Dr. Luke Greenacre the IBC will explore how to approach new media, and the role of your website, how to advertise, and the impact of third party websites on your strategies.

Q: Any guest speakers expected?

H.V: For sure. Additionally, an industry guest speaker will talk about how a winery can create and manage a successful wine club.  I have also brought together two more key industry speakers, Ms. Margot Miur & Mr. Randall Caon, where the MBA’s will learn how to negotiate and tips about ways to conduct successful negotiations.

Q: Will the MBA’s be in class the entire week?

H.V: No.  In Australia, being outdoors is a way of life.  To warm up, we will be taking the MBA’s to a wine tasting and dinner at the Edinburgh Hotel.  For a full day excursion on Friday, the MBA’s will be out traveling, learning and exploring a variety of key regional vineyards such as; McLaren Vale, HardyTintaraSC PannellYangarra and the McLaren Vale Distillery.  The IBC will be action packed the entire time!

Q: Herve, any further thoughts?

H.V: I think that this trip is indicative of the power of the modern Executive MBA curriculum.  Though the focus is on the wine industry, the content and ideas pulled from within this industry can have impact across the board in many other sectors.  I think a large variety of MBA participants can gain enormous value from this experience.


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