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Supply Chain Crisis Week for MSc ISLI in Global Supply Chain Management students le 23/02/2021

During this Supply Chain Crisis Week, the 56 students of the MSc ISLI in Global Supply Chain will take up the challenge of managing a crisis situation in a company in an international context.

3 partners of the programme got into this very instructive experience for the students: SEPHORA, SANOFI and SCHNEIDER. The objective is to prepare these future supply chain managers to face environments marked by an increasingly strong instability, structurally carrying crises and ruptures.

Training resilient supply chain managers

In groups of 7, ISLI MSc Supply Chain students will experience the programme guideline: "Be prepared for the worth, expect the best". The 8 teams will be in competition over 4 crisis situations. 2 teams will challenge each other on each case in order to propose the best solution to exit the crisis.

The crisis situations have been developed jointly by the ISLI teams and the programme corporate partners.
This Supply Chain Crisis module is an opportunity for students to put into practice the lessons learned and to develop the soft skills expected in these key positions where service continuity is essential.

Once the situation is exposed, the students will be confronted, as in a real situation, with new data and "over-crises" that will force them to adjust their strategy/solution in real time and to be reactive. They will have to set up a structured approach to a problem, solve complex problems, reason globally and be very agile.

Main pedagogical objectives :

  1. Ability to measure and assess the risks of the international supply chain
  2. Learn from this experience to capitalise on and better understand their future profession
  3. Learning to manage a crisis as a whole: Organising within a Management Committee, solving complex problems, knowing how to adapt your internal and external communication to reassure, make quick and pragmatic decisions, negotiate within a crisis team to find a solution, how to manage stress
  4. Understand the expectations of a business continuity plan
  5. Working in a multicultural team
  6. Take a step back to analyse a situation and better understand each person's role.

Each group must therefore work on a continuity plan by respecting different stages and organise itself according to the key functions of a steering committee. Expectations include 3 oral presentations to companies and a written report where a large part will be devoted to feedback on this crisis management.

Next week, the crisis scenarios (kept secret for the moment) and the solutions implemented by the students will be shared, as well as their feedback on this "Supply Chain Crisis Week".

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