The company at the heart of education: students of the MSc Digital Marketing & Sales respond to challenges set by Intermarché

French supermarket chain and key player in the retail industry, Intermarché has made the decision this year to engage with students in the Master of Science in Digital Marketing and Sales programme on the KEDGE Marseille campus.

Event agenda

A few days ago, students from the MSc Digital Marketing & Sales programme at KEDGE Business School had the opportunity to reflect on the challenges set by Intermarché, one of the main players in the retail sector in France. During a day, our MSc Digital Marketing and Sales students undertook the ambitious project of addressing 2 themes:

  • How to reintroduce human interaction into digital distribution and commerce?
  • How to provide customers with an enhanced experience?

Educational objectives

Challenging our students to develop their ability to tackle specific challenges related to real business issues.

A challenge between a business school and a company can indeed be beneficial for both students and the company, fostering practical learning, innovation, recruitment, partnership, and visibility.

The speakers

Summary of the day in video

Feedback from the day

The day was incredibly rich in terms of creativity among the students. Their ideas mainly revolved around topics such as assisting individuals, supporting people with disabilities, managing tight budgets, creating food baskets, promoting healthy eating, and everything related to current and future trends in proximity, customer relations, and facilitating daily life. These themes clearly influenced the group work carried out during the challenge.

Samantha De Freitas, Customer Relationship Manager at Intermarché

I enjoyed working in teams on various concrete issues and receiving feedback on our work at the end of the day.

Loana Bronico, MSc Digital Marketing & Sales student

I appreciated the freedom given both in terms of form and content. It allowed us to generate truly innovative ideas with Intermarché, and I believe we made a real impact today. I particularly enjoyed receiving feedback from a real professional.

Gaulthier Rémusat, MSc Digital Marketing & Sales student

This event showcases KEDGE's original pedagogy, which places the link with the company at the heart of its DNA. It is an integral part of the MSc Digital Marketing and Sales programme.

MSc Digital Marketing and Sales

Ranked 3rd in the 2024 Eduniversal ranking, the MSc Digital Marketing and Sales aims to train versatile digital experts capable of influencing the company's digital strategy while mastering operational aspects through a holistic approach to web marketing.

Delivered entirely in English, this training in the field of the web also prepares future executives to anticipate changes in consumer behaviour and new channels, in order to fully exploit commercial opportunities, whether commercial or not, that the company can leverage online.

Nicolas Buttafoghi, programme director, presents the programme.

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