The International BBA awarded the Grade de Licence

Kedge's 4-year international Bachelor's degree has been awarded the Grade de Licence, in addition to its visa, for a period of 3 years, in recognition of its academic excellence.

What is the purpose of the Grade de Licence?

It is granted by the Commission for the Evaluation of Management Education and Degrees, after examination of the training. Only courses that have already been approved, i.e. those that have been granted a visa by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, can apply for the Grade de Licence. But not all of them will obtain it.

In the case of the International BBA, it was granted for a period of 3 years, at the same time as the renewal of its visa for 5 years.

If the visa already guarantees recognition of the degree by the State, which was already the case for the International BBA, the Grade is proof that the training in question corresponds to the criteria of academic excellence required to obtain it:

  • Research-based: the faculty must have 50% PhDs among its permanent professors and students must be trained in research methodology, through the writing of dissertations or participation in seminars.
  • Professionalisation and employability: apprenticeship, support for entrepreneurial projects, support in finding internships and jobs, strong links with companies.
  • Social openness and diversity of the classes (number of scholarship holders, aid granted by the school).
  • Internationalisation of its students: network of partner universities, academic exchanges, double degrees, support for expatriation of its students.
  • Territorial anchoring in the local higher education landscape: relevance of its training within the existing offer and its relations with local institutions.

"The State visa is an essential criterion for the quality of a programme. The degrees awarded are recognised internationally and by companies. The renewal of visas and the awarding of the Bachelor's degree for the IBBA is therefore excellent news which attests to the quality of the teaching of our post-baccalaureate programmes. The positive points highlighted by the Ministry's Commission, quality academic training, a committed teaching staff, a strong international outlook and personalised support for our students are all integral parts of KEDGE's pillars, so it is only natural that they should be reflected in the official evaluations and recognition of our programmes. "

Alexandre de Navailles, Managing Director of KEDGE Business School


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