The Search for the Sustainable Employment Relationship at Kedge Business School

The Centre of Excellence for Sustainability hosted the 2023 Bi-annual Psychological Contract Small Group Meeting at Kedge Business School on May 16 & 17.

Bi-annual Psychological Contract Small Group

The 2023 bi-annual Psychological Contract Small Group Meeting (SGM) took place at the Bordeaux campus of KEDGE Business School on May 16 & 17 the 2023.

The event was organized by

  • Dr. Johannes Kraak, (Centre of Excellence for Sustainability; KEDGE Business School)
  • Dr. Yannick Griep (Behavioural Science Institute; Radboud University)
  • Dr. Samatha Hansen (University of Toronto Scarborough)

In the current context in which the world is dealing with the aftermath of COVID19, the relationships, sustainability has become an important topic in the field of Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior.

This edition of the SGM therefore focused on The Search for the Sustainable Employment Relationship. 

The SGM saw the participation of a group of international researchers from 14 different countries. Besides PhD students and post-Doctoral researchers, we also welcomed the participation of many achieved academics such as Professor Denise Rousseau from Carnegie Mellon University (US) who re-conceptualized the psychological contract in 1989, which allowed the concept to be widely studied. Professor Rousseau is widely recognized as being one of the most influential researchers in management (this year she is in the global top 10 at and in the top 50 at with over 100.000 citations on Google Scholar.

Researchers presented their ongoing research projects to their peers, participated in diverse discussion sessions, and worked on a joint academic publication that aims to positively impact researchers as well as practitioners by improving our knowledge on how to make employment relationships more sustainable.

Furthermore, three experienced speakers delivered key note addresses focusing on organizational justice perspectives (Professor Marion Fortin; Toulouse School of Management), sustainable human resources perspectives (Professor Ines Meyer; University of Cape Town), and employment relationship perspectives (Professor René Schalk; Tilburg University).

The Psychological Contract SGM has a long history of bringing together international researchers who work on employment relationships in general and psychological contracts in particular.

This exciting field of research focuses on the dynamics between employers and their employees and is particularly important in the current context of fast paced changes in employment that are witnessed all over the world.

Previous editions of the SGM took place at Tilburg University (the Netherlands); University of Canberra (Australia); Rotman School of Management/University of Toronto (Canada); Dublin City University (Ireland), and La Trobe University, (Australia).

This was the first time that the Small Group Meeting was hosted in France.

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