Digital Summer School

A Flexible Digital Summer Programme




Certificate & Official Transcripts


Full Time


June 19- June 30 2023



Presentation of the International KEDGE Digital Summer School

We offer flexible summer programmes that allow you to either follow different thematic packages, or mix & match courses to build YOUR own programme according to your interests, needs, timing and budget.

  • Video presentation
Video presentation


Over the course of our 7 week digital summer school, we offer:

  • 1 digital « Package », 2 weeks in duration
  • 2 courses per package, each delivers 4 ECTS 
  • Asynchrounous sessions, so you can work at your own time and pace
  • A Virtual Business Visit 
  • Social Online Activities to promote cultural immersion & interaction
  • Access to our digital library
  • Official course Transcript and a Certificate of Completion.

Eligible participants: Highly motivated and open-minded Bachelor or Master level students in good academic standing with a sufficient level of English.

Programme's Labels : Bienvenue en France

Why choose this programme?

Every thematic programme package is designed to give participants an in-depth look at the chosen area of specialisation. With Official Transcripts and a Certificate of Completion, students will both develop their knowledge in the subject area and diversify their CVs to stand out on the job market.

Kedge, triple accredited by AMBA, EQUIS and AACSB, ensures courses of the highest quality delivered by faculty members from its world ranked Masters Programmes in Wine Management, Supply Chain and Innovation (MVS, ISLI & MAI).  

Our digital program includes a virtual company visit  (included in tuition fees). It will feature a visit to a company implementing the latest technologies in their business

Each Summer course features the equivalence of 24 hours, is formally evaluated, carries 4 transferrable ECTS credits, and leads to both a certificate of completion as well as official transcripts. You can either choose to follow one program online or mis & match with our other on campus programs.