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The Bordeaux campus is located on the Talence university site, around 20 minutes outside of the city centre by tram. There are several location options available, either in Bordeaux

Where to stay ?

In terms of location, you can look at either Bordeaux or the Urban Community of Bordeaux (sometimes referred to as CUB in French) which includes the neighbouring towns, of which the closest to the school are Talence, Gradignan, and Pessac.

The liveliest areas of Bordeaux city centre are Hôtel de Ville, Quinconces, St Pierre, Capucins and Victoire. These last 3 are student neighbourhoods and very popular evening destinations, so are noisier than others.

Nansouty and St Genes are 2 quieter alternatives.

Tram B and buses provide transport links. For information on public transport in Bordeaux and CUB, please visit:

Site for announcement of rents



Info jeunes




Sud Ouest

Please note: some of these sites contain advertisements placed by estate agents. If this is the case, agency fees will need to be taken into account.

Be wary of agencies with fees higher than around €200. They will offer you properties from listings that are generally no longer available.

Site for announcement of co-rent

Group facebook of students' offers of kedge bs

Kedge Immo Facebook Group

On the school website managed by Domofrance

Residence The Campus

On the school website managed by Domofrance


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By telephone: +33 (0) 5 56 84 82 86

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