Business nursery : the Kedge's incubation unit

Focused on guiding innovative projects in the development of services, products, or a business model, the Business Nursery is Kedge’s very own incubation unit.


Created in 2012, the Business Nursery offers a range of services which are committed to guiding start-ups created by Kedge students or graduates through the stages of development. It can be found on the Marseilles campus and has a new home in the Daniel Carasso Kedge Accelerator

Almost half of Kedge students want to start their own company or have an active role in the development of start-ups. 

30 projects are chosen each year by a committee of entrepreneurs, consultants and Business Angels to join a 6-month incubation programme.



  • Guidance from a tutor, consultant or coach who specialises in supporting start-ups:
    • Methodology
    • Market Research
    • Business Plan
    • Pitch Training
  • Personalised guidance from a mentor who will pass on key knowledge
  • Access to training through practical conferences led by experts (with experience in accounting, legal and tax matters, team building, coaching, and more)
  • Access to themed workshops: Information on support schemes for creating businesses and innovation, testimonies from entrepreneurs, meetings with Business Angels and key players in entrepreneurship and the local ‘innovation ecosystem’
  • Access to an on-campus group work area 
  • Contact with students from other areas of study to encourage the development of multidisciplinary teams
  • Financial help for starting up incubated projects


Specific guidance is given at each stage of a project’s creation.

Phase 1: from the idea to the project 

  1. Methodology for setting up the project
  2. Structuring the project, from the idea behind it all the way through to its design
  3. Guidance in setting up a business by creating links with key actors in entrepreneurship and the local ‘innovation system’

Phase 2: From the project to the start-up

  1. Mentoring programme
  2. Access to a network which in turn provides access to opportunities offered by the regional entrepreneurship and innovation schedule
  3. Access to grants and scholarships
  4. Opportunities to meet and share experiences, and participate in events


PBA, Société Marseillaise de Crédit, Marseilles Innovation, IES, Group Union, HC, AKHEO, OLA Compta, IRCE, Incubateur Belle de Mai, Grand Luminy, ISEN, EPITECH, and more.


  • 12 hours of one-on-one coaching by a teacher-researcher and consultants who specialise in start-ups
  • 14 hours of consultancy with Kedge’s expert partners (in areas such as strategy, finance, fund-raising, accounting, finance, and legal support)
  • 3-4 workshops per month. 30 workshops and conferences per year.