KEDGE Entrepreneurship

The Daniel Carasso Kedge Accelerator is committed to supporting entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity, and guiding people through their projects. It is committed to supporting 100 projects every year, and dedicated to sourcing and development.


The Daniel Carasso Kedge Accelerator has been made possible by the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation (Daniel Carasso is the founder of Danone and a 1927 graduate of Kedge).

The Daniel Carasso Kedge Accelerator is made up of 3 guidance schemes:


The Daniel Carasso Kedge Accelerator enjoys a richly diverse ecosystem, dedicated facilities and specialist resources with which to guide entrepreneurs.

  • The creation of facilities and services for finding and developing creativity and innovation (500m2 on the Marseilles Campus)
  • The construction and involvement of the accelerator network: students, collaborators, alumni, teacher-researchers, potential entrepreneurs, business partners and Kedge teams.
  • Participation in national and international development projects
  • Methodology and training


In its second phase the services offered by Daniel Carasso Kedge Accelerator will be put online, in order to make it available on all the Kedge campuses.