‘Clepsydre’, the student association at KEDGE Business School, invites you to a conference with Denis MASSEGLIA, President of the French National Olympic and Sports Committee


‘Clepsydre’, the student association at KEDGE Business School, invites you to a conference with Denis MASSEGLIA, President of the French National Olympic and Sports Committee 


MONDAY 15 JANUARY 2018 at 5.30pm at the KEDGE Marseille Campus in Luminy

On Monday 15 January, Clepsydre, the student association of KEDGE, welcomes Denis Masseglia, President of the French National Olympic and Sports Committee, for a conference on the stakes, the power play, and the complication of making a bid to host the Olympic Games, with the consequences that it can have.

Born in Marseille, Denis Masseglia is one of the key players, alongside the Ministry of Sports, to have contributed to the candidacy of France to host the Olympic Games and Paralympics in 2024 which will take place in Paris. Therefore, the success of the French bid is partly down to him. This former international rower is also now the president of the French Rowing Federation. In 2013 he co-wrote the book entitled ‘Le sport, c’est bien plus que du sport !’ (Sport is much more than just sport!), a success which details the objectives and benefits of sport for a country.

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Clepsydre KEDGE is the student association of Kedge BS Marseille. This association aims to encourage students of Kedge Business School to take an interest in current affairs and the political, economic, and societal issues of today’s world. This is achieved by organising conferences as well as regular debating and public speaking events. www.clepsydre-kedge.com - @ClepsydreKBS – Facebook/Clepsydre Kedge

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Laura FRENOIS – Responsable Communication de Clepsydre Tel : 06 43 61 07 40 - laura.frenois@kedgebs.com 

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