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Research center - Food, Wine & Hospitality

Directed by Prof. Olivier Gergaud, the Food, Wine & Hopitality Centre of Excellence promotes research on wine management and economics. It includes topics related to Wine Supply Chain Management, Wine Sustainability, Wine Demand and Branding, Wine Tourism, Wine Tourism, and Wine-related Strategies and Decision. The research is built on Kedge’s long-standing tradition of research and publications on these topics which dates back to the creation of the center in 2003. The research center is an interdisciplinary team of specialists (economics, marketing, management, supply chain and strategy).

Research team members publish regularly in journals such as the American Journal of Agricultural Economics, British Food Journal, Decision Sciences, Economic Journal, European Journal of Operational Research, Food Policy, Journal of Economic Geography, International Journal of Wine Business Research, Journal of Wine Economics, Operations Research, Review of Economics and Statistics, Journal of Retailing, etc. Several team members are also on the editorial board of field journals such as the Journal of Wine Economics and the International Journal of Wine Business Research.

Team Members

Wine & Spirits Research key figures




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Academic Partners

AAWE (American Association of Wine Economists), AWBR (Academy of Wine Business Research), CAU (Kiel), Cornell University, Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Hochschule Geisenheim University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Hotel & Tourism Management,  Institut Paul Bocuse, International Wine & Spirit Competition, NYU, San Francisco University, Sonoma University, UCLA, University of South Australia.

The Alliance for Research on Wine & Hospitality Management (ARWHM)

The Alliance for Research on Wine & Hospitality Management (ARWHM) has been launched on May 2017 during the inaugural workshop in Bordeaux (France), hosted by KEDGE Business School.

It serves as a vehicle for advancing rigorous academic research on wine and hospitality management issues. The following institutions are the Alliance founding members: Cornell - SC Johnson College of Business - The Hotel School, Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Hong Kong Polytechnic University - School of Hotel & Tourism Management, and Kedge BS Bordeaux - Wine & Spirits Research center.

As part of its mission to foster first-rate research and build a community of scholars in the field of Wine & Hospitality Management, the ARWHM organizes every year during the spring season a Workshop to bring together scholars interested in the discipline.

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Events & Conferences

Seminar 2018 of Agricultural policies organized by the French Society of rural economy- AgroParisTech, Paris (France), Nov. 13, 2018

Xavier Hollandts & Bertrand Valiorgue (the authors of the référentiel de gouvernance des coopératives - and academic experts for gouvernance of agricultural cooperatives) will present three reform proposals on the governance of cooperatives. This seminar will focuse on the reform of the governance of the agricultural coopératives implemented by the french government through the law EGA (États généraux de l'alimentation):

Recent publications 

  • Jaud, D. A., & Melnyk, V. (2020). The effect of text-only versus text-and-image wine labels on liking, taste and purchase intentions. The mediating role of affective fluency. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 53
  • Peters, K., Remaud, H., (2020), Factors influencing consumer menu-item selection in a restaurant context, Food Quality and Preference, Vol. 82
  • Higuet, M., Remaud, H., (2020) Do wine buyers behave differently in brick and mortar versus online stores?, British Food Journal
  • Corsi, A-M., Remaud, H., , (2020), How wine is really purchased? A systematic multi-country, multi panel analysis, Current Opinion in Food  Science, Vol. 33, pp. 78-84
  • Lunardo R., Durrieu, F., (2019), A Risk Avoidance Versus Typicality Account of Front Label Fluency Effects on Consumer’s Willingness to Pay: A Structured Abstract, dans Management and Marketing of Wine Tourism Businesses: Theory, Practice And Cases, Ed. Sigala, M & Robinson, R N.S., Palgrave Macmillan
  • Bouzdine-Chameeva, T., Ponsignon, F., Durrieu, F. Pesme J-O. (2019), How to design a wine museum: insights from La Cité du Vin in Bordeaux, Wine Tourism Destination, Management and Marketing, pp. 279-295
  • Lunardo R., Ponsignon F. (2019) Achieving Immersion in the Tourism Experience: The Role of Autonomy, Temporal Dissociation, and Reactance, Journal of Travel Research
  • Jradi S., Bouzdine-Chameeva T., Delhomme B. & Jaegler, A. (2018). Tracking carbon footprint in French vineyards: A DEA performance assessment. Journal of Cleaner Production, 192, August, 43-54
  • Petit O., Velasco C. & Spence C. (2019). Digital sensory marketing: Integrating new technologies into multisensory online experience. Journal of Interactive Marketing, 45, January, 42-61,
  • Petit O., Velasco C. & Spence C. (forthcoming). Are large portions always bad? Using the Delboeuf illusion on food packaging to nudge consumer behavior. Marketing Letters
  • Celhay F. & Remaud, H. (2018). What does your wine label mean to consumers? A semiotic investigation of Bordeaux wine visual codes,  Food Quality and Preference, 65, February, 129-145
  • Livat, F., Alston J.M., Cardebat, J.M. (forthcoming). Do denominations of origin provide useful quality signals? The case of Bordeaux wines. Economic Modelling,
  • Livat, F. & Remaud, H. (2018). Factors Affecting Wine Price Mark-up in Restaurants. Journal of Wine Economics, 13 (2), 144-159
  • Gergaud O., Livat F. & Song H. (2018). Terrorism and wine tourism: The case of museum attendance. Journal of Wine Economics,  13 (4), 375-383, doi:10.1017/jwe.2018.41
  • Ouvrard S., Keiser J., Rivière G. (2018). Analyse de la performance économique et financière de l'exploitation viticole : le rôle clé de l’Expert-Comptable. Revue Française de Comptabilité, 521, juin
  • Jradi S., Bouzdine-Chameeva T., J. Aparicio (2018). The measurement of revenue inefficiency over time: An Additive Perspective. OMEGA,  
  • Jradi S., Bouzdine-Chameeva T., Delhomme B., Jaegler A. (2018). Tracking carbon footprint in French vineyards: A DEA performance assessment. Journal of Cleaner Production, 192, August, 43-54
  • Ashenfelter, O., Gergaud, O., Storchmann, K., Ziemba, W. (2018). Handbook of the Economics of Wine, vol. 1 & 2. Singapore: World Scientific Editions (HIFE), ISBN: 978-981-4740-57-9, 900 p.
  • Celhay, F., Remaud, H. (2018). What does your wine label mean to consumers? A semiotic investigation of Bordeaux wine visual codes. Food Quality and Preference, 65, February, 129-145
  • Doloreux, D., Turkina, E. (2017). Are winemaker consultants just another source of knowledge for innovation? Journal of Knowledge Management, 21 (6), 1523-1539
  • Gergaud, O.,Livat, F.,Rickard, B., Warzynski, F. (2017). Evaluating the net benefits of collective reputation: The case of Bordeaux Wine. Food Policy, 71, August, 8-16
  • Rickard, B., Gergaud, O., Hu, W., Livat, F., Shuay-Tsyr, H. (2017). Trade liberalization in the presence of domestic regulations: Impacts of the      EU-U.S. free trade agreement on wine markets. Applied Economics, 50 (18), 2028-2047  
  • Ponsignon, F., Durrieu, F., Bouzdine-Chameeva, T. (2017). Customer experience design: a case study in the cultural sector. Journal of Service Management, 28 (4), 763-787
  • Frick, B., Gergaud, O., Matic, P. (2017). The Revenue Potential of Product Differentiation: Empirical Evidence From the Croatian Restaurant Industry, Journal of Gastronomy and Tourism, 2 (4), October, 259-271
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Renaud Lunardo, Associate Professor Marketing and Bradley Rickard, Affiliate Professor (Cornell University) have recieved the Best Paper Award in Tourism and Hospitality Management Track for their communication: "Too Funny, for Everybody ? How fun Elements in Wine labels decrease willingness-to-pay and intentions as a function of risk propensity", presented at The 2018 SMA (Society for Marketing Advances) Annual conference”, West Palm Beach (FL-USA), from Oct. 31-Nov. 3, 2018


  • 2019 : Angela Sutan, Burgundy School of Business
  • 2018 : Olivier Bargain, Université de Bordeaux - LAREFI
  • 2018 : Armand Gilinsky, Sonoma State University
  • 2018 : Ricardo Vecchio, Université de Naples et Armando Maria Corsi, University of South Australia
  • 2017 : Michael Visser, ENSAE      (CREST)
  • 2017 : Amandine Ody Brasier, Yale School of Management
  • 2016 : David Doloreux, HEC      Montréal et KEDGE BS
  • 2016 : Steve Charters, ESC Dijon ; Liz Thach, Sonoma State University et Bradley Rickard, Cornell University/ KEDGE BS
  • Juillet 2016 - Juin 2017 : Bradley Rickard, Cornell University, USA.
  • 2016 : V. Ginsburgh, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgique.
  • 2015 : Armand Gilinski, Sonoma State University, USA.
  • 2015 : Bradley Rickard, Cornell University, USA.
  • 2015 : C. Felzensztein, Kingston University, London (UK)
  • 2015 : David Doloreux, HEC      Montréal, Canada et KEDGE BS, France
  • 2015 : Jean-Sauveur Ay, Inra      Dijon, France
  • 2015 : Karl Storchmann, New York University, USA.
  • 2015 : James Fogarty, University of Western Australia, Australie.
  • 2015 : Karl Storchmann, New York University, USA.

Major conferences and seminars 

Members of the research center have organized or co-organized various international conferences and research seminars; these include (amongst other):

  • 2016 : 10th Annual Conference of the AAWE (American Association of Wine Economists), co-organized with Université de Bordeaux & Bordeaux Science-Agro and Inseec. It is the biggest conference on wine economy in the world. It gathers every year 250 participants of all the countries.
  • 2017: KEDGE organized the first edition of the Wine & Hospitality Management Research Workshop with the collaboration of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Cornell University and the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne.
  • 2018 : Wine Marketing Workshop at Kedge BS Bordeaux in homage to Philippe Barbe, with the participation of Armando Corsi (UniSA, Australia), Ian Taplin (Wake Forest U., USA) and Riccardo Vecchio (Univ. Naples, Italy).
  • 2018 : 2nd Wine & Hospitality Management Workshop, May 14-15, 2018 at École Hoteliere de Lausanne (EHL). The second edition has been held by École Hoteliere de Lausanne last May 2018. The conference rotates annually among ARWHM members. Participants are from the various management disciplines including economics, and are usually invited to submit their proposals in November for the next Workshop. The Alliance for Research on Wine & Hospitality Management awards each year two distinctions during its annual Workshop: The Auguste Escoffier Prize for the best presentation by a research scholar in the field of Wine & Hospitality Management is assigned to Florine Livat, Julian Alston and Jean-Marie Cardebat for: "Are there too many appellations of origin? The case of Bordeaux wines". The Apicius Prize for the best presentation by a graduate or undergraduate student during the conference is assigned to Romaine Christen for: “Climate change risk management in the wine industry: could diversification be a winning strategy?”

Research projects

Cité du Vin - Bordeaux

Within the framework of its partnership with the Cité du Vin, KEDGE has commissioned a team of teacher-researchers to observe visitors' behaviour in order to improve customer satisfaction. Visitors' journeys will be tracked via their digital companions, and the information collected during their visits will be aggregated and ultimately used to improve the service offered to them.

Our intention is to deliver a unique, high-quality experience to our visitors. Our partnership with KEDGE will give us an in-depth understanding of our visitors' behaviour and satisfaction levels and improve the training of our already highly qualified staff

Philippe Massol, CEO of the Fondation pour la culture et les civilisations du vin.

The impact of wine tourism on the world wine business

The project is led by Professors C. Faugere, F. Durrieu, J.-O. Pesme and T. Bouzdine-Chameeva and is funded by Great Wine Capitals Global Network (7,000 Euros/year since 2011).

Determinants of Wine prices

This project (2013-2017; 25,510 Euros) is led by Professors F. Livat and O. Gergaud and funded by the Aquitaine Region (in partnership with University of Bordeaux).

Research Networks and invited scholars 

The research center has developed over the course of time a strong network of academic partners. Most of our past and current research projects are in close collaboration with colleagues from leading institutions such as Argonne National Laboratory, Cornell U., Ecole Hotelière de Lausanne (EHL), NYU, HEC Montréal, Hong Kong Polytechnic University (HKPU), U. of Geisenheim, UCLA, U.C. Santa Barbara, UniSA, etc.

The team is currently hosting the visit of Bradley Rickard who is on a sabbatical leave from Cornell U. Bradley also joined KEDGE in September 2016 as an affiliate Professor. At the same time we are setting up a research partnership with Hong Kong Polytechnic University (School of Hotel and Tourism Management) to develop an ambitious joint research program on wine tourism.

The research center invited research scholars and practitioners since 2014 in relation to research projects and teaching activities. It includes:

  • August 2016: Prof. T. Bouzdine Chameeva, Argonne National Laboratory
  • Summer 2013-2016: Prof. O. Gergaud, New York University, USA.
  • July 2016-June 2017: Prof. B. Rickard, Cornell University, USA.
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