Impact of entrepreneurship on teaching

All KEDGE programmes (KEDGE Bachelor’s degree , the Grande Ecole programme, etc.) include as a minimum 1 module covering familiarity with entrepreneurship and with innovation/tech issues: introduction to coding, hackathon etc.

There is also an entrepreneurship major in the GEP programmes and in the KEDGE Global MBA. Managed by Christophe Garonne, this course covers all the essentials for anyone wanting to start a business. 

The results from the research and the teaching modules in entrepreneurship are applied to the Business Nursery and the KEDGE business accelerator. On each campus, a dedicated area for business creation - with workshops and mentors - provides students and alumni with support for their business project. Support is offered all the way from conception to fundraising, with certain project leaders even being introduced to business angels or venture capitalists. This leads to actual businesses emerging in a range of sectors.
The KEDGE entrepreneurial spirit also continues “outside the classroom” through different educational initiatives such as the Pro-acts but also the student associations and some long-standing events such as “Le Phare”.

Impact of entrepreneurship on companies 

Student-business relations are based on strong ties between companies (especially in the tech, digital, services and health sectors) and the teachers/researchers. A number of training programmes are aimed at professionals as part of the Executive Global MBA and the General Management Programme.

Impact of entrepreneurship on the ecosystem 

 The case studies and the different articles published by the Centre’s faculty members present students with current real-life issues, experienced by companies. These provide a framework for teaching and add an underlying element of practicality, whilst various theoretical concepts are also used to comprehensively analyse the issues experienced by companies and offer relevant, well-reasoned solutions effectively linking research, education and business in the process. 

KEDGE teachers/researchers in entrepreneurship also contribute to public debate by writing opinion pieces and articles for media outlets such as The Conversation or Harvard Business Review and giving video interviews to XerfiCanal.com. 

They are also highly active within regional entrepreneurial ecosystems (Aix-Marseille French Tech, organisations providing entrepreneurial support, the Pépite network, etc.). KEDGE is recognised both as a higher education establishment providing top-quality training in this field, and also in areas related to business creation and support for entrepreneurs.

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