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Technology Management

The management of TECH: key axis of KEDGE's pedagogy 

Technology management in education 

Technology management is today a fundamental pillar for the overall performance of companies. Hence,  the importance of training future managers with multidisciplinary skills to be able to intervene on technological, organizational and human aspects with a transversal approach in technology management. 

Moreover, the skills are changing rapidly and new professions and  practices appear in the current digital environment. In all its programmes programmes (KEDGE BachelorMaster in Management Grande EcoleBusiness Engineering) the KEDGE mission is to integrate digital fluency in order to transform technology into opportunities for its students. This includes theoretical and applied uses of digital technologies. 
KEDGE develops the digital skills of its students to enable them to: 

  • Seize the opportunities associated with shifts in technology  
  • Understand the impact on the major challenges generated by new technologies and new ecosystems (societal, environmental and, business). 
  • Develop a solid culture and digital critical thinking essential for future professionals 

These real skills are spread over several programmes,  practical teaching modules and different complementary "experiences" related to technology  management area: 

Moreover, students are able to benefit from hybrid lessons and courses to foster their digital culture and thus guarantee their employability, thanks to the integration of: 

  • MOOCs 
  • Off the shelf courses 
  • Coding lessons 

And in partnership with the market leaders: Coursera, le Wagon, Vodeclic, Crossknowledge

The impact of technology  management on businesses 

It is crucial for today's management to be able to cope with the current context, which is more global, connected, and evolving. In this context, it is essential that companies and their leaders adapt in order to create development opportunities. 

Different  training courses are aimed at professionals at part of KEDGE Global MBA , digital marketing & data program and general management program

The impact of technology management on the ecosystem 

Student-business relationships are based on the close proximity between businesses (especially in the tech sector),  teachers and researchers. Teachers and researchers at  KEDGE collaborate with several companies in the context of research projects , and  they publish scientific articles and case studies that allow to present to the students real and current issues of existing companies. 

They are also very active in regional ecosystems (Aix-Marseille French Tech, Pépite network, etc.). They contribute to the citizen debate by organizing certain events led by digital actors at regional level such as dataquitaine.  

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