Master in Management Grande Ecole

Specialisation through a programme or double degree

Master 2 is the year that turns the course into a stepping stone to a chosen career and students into professionals. It will provide you with both specific skills and an expertise.

You will have the choice between :

  • Audit-Expertise Track (this track begins the 1st year of the Master. Courses in French)
  • Entrepreneurship Track
  • China Track
  • Double MSc Degrees


Obtaining 5 TU exemptions for the DSCG - Begins the 1st year of the Master

The audit and expertise sectors are recession-proof. This programme, aside from teaching the basics to students who are validating their requirements, allows them to obtain 5 DSCG (Diplôme Supérieur de Comptabilité et de Gestion - Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Management) teaching unit exemptions.

At the end of this programme, you will be ready for an internship in a chartered accountancy firm or a management position within accounting, financial, administrative and legal departments in various companies, consultancies and audit firms.

An increasing number of students are applying to management schools with the hope of becoming entrepreneurs, whether within their own business or within an existing company.

This programme helps develop an entrepreneurial posture. It will encourage you to think differently and be creative to develop innovative solutions.

The course modules cover the essential components of an entrepreneurial project: strategy, marketing concepts, logistics chain, accountancy and financial elements such as fundraising and legal status.

Students will benefit from KEDGE’s incubator, the Business Nursery, a unique space which brings together societies, coaches, graduates, companies and investors in order to support them.

KEDGE has a campus 30 minutes from Shanghai. The University of Renmin in Suzhou is ranked number 1 in China in terms of economics theory, applied economics, communication, law and sociology.

You can study there for a part of your course: from 1 to 4 semesters from the start of the M1. You will have access to classes in management, marketing, finance… just like in the campuses in France.

Aside from these, you can study modules on negotiations and Chinese business culture and Chinese language.

After an academic semester in Suzhou, you can also take part in a professionalising internship in a Chinese company.

Discover the campus

10 courses to choose from during the first semester of the Master 2.

Courses common to our Bordeaux and Marseille campuses:

  • Brand Creativity
  • Digital Culture

Courses offered on the Bordeaux campus:

  • Purchasing & Supply Chain
  • Sustainable Innovation
  • Accounting, Controlling and Auditing
  • Corporate and Market Finance
  • Entrepreneurship

Courses offered on the Marseille campus:

  • Business Development & Performance
  • Entertainment
  • Finance

Double MSc Degrees


Since 2004, thanks to the expertise of the Arts & Creative Industries research centre, the school has allowed students to specialise in arts, culture and creative industry management.

The sectors are varied, ranging from visual arts and leisure to cinema and video games. …

MSc Arts & Creative Industries


This MSc is recognised by sports business professionals as a leading course in the field nationally and internationally.

The strengths of the programme lie in its capacity to train managers that are perfectly aware of the requirements of this specific and demanding market thanks to a combination of Events Marketing and Sports Law skills.


Marseille & Paris

Finance has a specific role: funding the real economy in view of a healthy economic, ecological and social development.

Finance is not a science but a tool supporting economy and social relations.

The MSc in Corporate & Sustainable Finance offers to train professionals to master this tool with a double financial and extra-financial expertise, essential in the evolution of careers in finance.

MSc Corporate & Sustainable Finance

Bordeaux or Marseille

The shifts in international balance of power result in multiple geostrategic risks. These new challenges affect local and international business strategies. The aim of the programme is to provide students who wish to embark on an international career with strong geostrategic, economic and cultural insights.

MSc International Business



This programme offers a global vision that allows students to develop key skills in three complementary fields for businesses with a global positioning: International trade/International transport/International logistics.

MSc International Trade & Logistics


Digital technology has an undeniable impact on society and the old practices of businesses, administrations and users.

New jobs and new practices  have emerged, creating in that market a skills deficit and a real need for training in terms of specific managerial know-how.

The aim of the MSc is to train versatile and multi-skilled professionals thanks to a cross-disciplinary approach. It relies on four key elements: strategy, technology, design and digital marketing.

MSc Digital Marketing & Sales

Bordeaux or Marseille

This programme offers a dual approach: a global and innovative marketing approach in a changing environment on the one hand, and a choice of 4 job options on the other:

  • Brand operational management
  • Business development
  • Communication and events management
  • Digital client relations

MSc Marketing & Brand Management


The purchasing function currently boasts a strong strategic component, with a focus on innovation and speed to market.

This specialisation enables students to acquire skills in management, culture, and purchasing techniques in an international environment.

MSc Purchasing & Innovation Management


Globalisation leads managers to radically open up their fields of action beyond their own business, and even more so in the Supply Chain.

This specialisation offers a global vision of the logistics chain, in view of accessing strategic positions in a company.



In the face of major challenges with increasing international competition, industry leaders must have a level of professionalism of an increasingly high standard.
Designed by international experts in the fields of both management and wines and spirits, this MSc perfectly meets the current requirements of this industry.

MSc Wine & Spirits Management