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Specialisation through a programme or double degree

Master 2 is the pivotal year that transforms the programme into a gateway towards your chosen career, and you into a budding professional. It is designed to equip you with both specialised skills and an in-depth expertise.

Your options include:

  • Audit-Expertise Track (This track commences in the first year of the Master's programme. Courses are delivered in French.)
  • Entrepreneurship Track
  • China Track
  • Double MSc Degrees


Achieve 5 TU Exemptions for the DSCG - Commences in the First Year of the Master

The audit and expertise sectors stand resilient in the face of economic downturns. This programme not only imparts fundamental knowledge to students satisfying their prerequisites, but also enables them to secure 5 teaching unit exemptions for the DSCG (Diplôme Supérieur de Comptabilité et de Gestion - Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Management).

Upon completion of this programme, you will be primed for an internship in a chartered accountancy firm, or a managerial role within the accounting, financial, administrative, or legal departments of various businesses, consultancies, and audit firms.

A growing number of students are seeking admission into management schools, fuelled by their aspirations to become entrepreneurs, whether in their own startups or within established organisations.

This programme is designed to nurture an entrepreneurial mindset, stimulating creative thought and fostering the development of innovative solutions.

Course modules encompass the fundamental elements of an entrepreneurial project, including strategy, marketing principles, supply chain management, accounting, and crucial financial components like fundraising and legal structuring.

Participants will have the opportunity to utilise KEDGE’s Business Nursery, our unique incubator that converges startups, coaches, alumni, companies, and investors to provide comprehensive support.

Situated just 30 minutes away from Shanghai, KEDGE boasts a campus at the University of Renmin in Suzhou, which holds the prestigious rank of number 1 in China for economics theory, applied economics, communication, law, and sociology.

The programme allows for a part of your study to be undertaken there, ranging from 1 to 4 semesters starting from the M1 stage. You will have access to classes in management, marketing, finance, and more, mirroring the curriculum offered at our campuses in France.

Additionally, you can delve into modules focusing on negotiations, Chinese business culture, and the Chinese language.

After completing an academic semester in Suzhou, you are also offered the opportunity to participate in a career-oriented internship at a Chinese company.

Discover the campus

10 courses to choose from during the first semester of the Master 2.

Courses common to our Bordeaux and Marseille campuses:

  • Marketing Brand Creativity

Courses offered on the Bordeaux campus:

  • Purchasing & Supply Chain
  • Sustainable Innovation
  • Accounting, Controlling and Auditing
  • Corporate and Market Finance
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing digital leadership

Courses offered on the Marseille campus:

  • Business Development & Performance
  • Finance

Double MSc Degrees


Since 2004, leveraging the expertise of the Arts & Creative Industries research centre, the school has been providing students with the opportunity to specialise in the management of arts, culture, and creative industries.

The sectors span a broad spectrum, encompassing areas from visual arts and leisure to cinema and video games...

MSc Arts & Creative Industries


This MSc holds a sterling reputation among sports business professionals, nationally and internationally, as a leading programme in the field.

The programme's strengths lie in its ability to cultivate managers who are profoundly attuned to the demands of this specific and challenging market. This is achieved through a balanced integration of Events Marketing and Sports Law skills.


Marseille & Paris

Finance plays a distinct role: it fuels the real economy, fostering robust economic, ecological, and social development.

Rather than being a science, finance serves as a tool that underpins economic and social relations.

Our MSc in Corporate & Sustainable Finance is designed to equip professionals with a nuanced understanding of this tool. The course blends financial and extra-financial expertise, which is integral to the progression of careers in finance.

MSc Corporate & Sustainable Finance

Bordeaux or Marseille

Changes in the international balance of power precipitate a myriad of geostrategic risks. These emerging challenges have a significant impact on both local and international business strategies. The programme's goal is to equip students, who aspire to embark on an international career, with in-depth geostrategic, economic, and cultural insights.

MSc International Business



This programme delivers a holistic perspective, enabling students to hone vital skills in three interconnected fields critical to globally positioned businesses: International Trade, International Transport, and International Logistics.

MSc International Trade & Logistics


Digital technology exerts a profound influence on society and the traditional practices of businesses, administrations, and users.

This evolution has catalysed the emergence of new roles and practices, creating a skills gap in the market and a pressing need for training focused on specific managerial expertise.

The goal of the MSc is to nurture versatile and multifaceted professionals through a cross-disciplinary approach. The course pivots on four key elements: strategy, technology, design, and digital marketing.

MSc Digital Marketing & Sales

Bordeaux or Marseille

marketing perspective in a dynamic environment, and secondly, it provides a choice of four professional pathways:

  • Brand operational management
  • Business development
  • Communication and events management
  • Digital client relations

MSc Marketing & Brand Management


The purchasing function presently holds a significant strategic aspect, emphasising innovation and speed to market.

This specialisation equips students with expertise in management, cultural comprehension, and purchasing techniques within an international context.

MSc Purchasing & Innovation Management


Globalisation propels managers to drastically extend their scope of action beyond their own business, especially within the Supply Chain domain.

This specialisation provides a comprehensive view of the logistics chain, aiming to prepare students for strategic roles within a company.



As the magnitude of international competition continues to escalate, industry leaders are compelled to attain an increasingly high standard of professionalism.

Conceived by international experts from both management and the wines and spirits sectors, this MSc is meticulously tailored to meet the current demands of this industry.

MSc Wine & Spirits Management