2 exceptional sponsors for the KEDGE and EHL MSc in Wine & Hospitality Management

This premium Master in Wine and Hospitality Management – which will launch at the start of the next academic year – simply had to have sponsors that matched its lofty aspirations. Call that mission accomplished: Jean-François Piège, a world-renowned chef and holder of multiple Michelin stars, and Philippe Faure-Brac, named Best Sommelier in the World in 1992 and president of the French Sommelier Association (l’Union de la Sommellerie Française), have both agreed to sponsor the programme’s first year group.

Philippe Faure-Brac, Best Sommelier in the World in 1992, President of the French Sommelier Association

Philippe Faure-Brac

“We don’t drink to forget: we taste to remember. In both hospitality and wine, sharing and conviviality is everything. It is vital that these industries come together to produce an excellent training programme, so that we may continue to offer people unforgettable experiences. Kedge Business School’s partnership with the EHL is helping to achieve this, and create the synergies we need if we are to continue offering a quality of service that will allow us to convey our expertise, and our passion for living life well.”

Born in Marseille in 1960 to a family from Briançon, in the Hautes-Alpes, Philippe Faure-Brac trained as a chef at hospitality schools in Sisteron, Grenoble and Nice. He discovered his passion for wine here, and from then on he was in his element, spending each day learning the history of different regions and grape varieties, as well as the art of wine tasting and how to talk about wine.

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Jean-François Piège, Chef, 2 Michelin stars

Jean-François Piège

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“To stay competitive in our industry, our leaders need to understand market requirements, the challenges we face, and the importance of synergy and vertical integration with other business areas and/or industries. By strengthening the links between the wine, restaurant and hotel industries, the Master of Science in Wine & Hospitality Management meets this need to train our expert, strategically-thinking leaders, so that they may understand these challenges and find innovative, holistic solutions for overcoming them. I believe that with this programme – which combines the expertise of two academic institutions that are both globally recognised in their respective fields – students will be able to gain strategic knowledge of the Wine & Hospitality business that they won’t find anywhere else”.

Born in Valence in 1970, Jean-François Piège saw his love of produce and skill encouraged by the attention to detail shown by great chefs such as Bruno Cirino, Christian Constant and Alain Ducasse. In 2007, when he took over the kitchen at the “Les Ambassadeurs” restaurant at the Hôtel de Crillon in Paris, he showed no hesitation in combining luxury hotel style with popular cuisine. His boldness was applauded by French restaurant guide Gault & Millau, which named him “Chef of the Year”.

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